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    Genji Multi-Climb Trick

    Trying to create a very cool script. Need help.

    I think most of you are not aware of the trick that has been learned by the community) (Genji parkour) "Multi-Climb" This wonderful thing allows you to climb up a wall almost indefinitely.

    To do a multiclimb (without any scripts etc.)
    1. Don't look directly at a wall at first
    2. Hold jump and hold forward (and keep holding it for the entire duration of the tec)
    3. Release jump and THE MOMENT you release jump, QUICKLY look DIRECTLY at the wall beside you
    If you do it at the right time, you'll climb a little and be able to climb again
    If you hold jump for too long and look at the wall, you'll do a normal climb.
    If you release jump too soon and then look at the wall, you'll not climb at all.
    If you release jump and don't look QUICKLY and DIRECTLY at the wall, you'll not climb at all.
    This is why you need a high dpi/mouse sensitivity

    I'm new here (and I don't know if I have the right to attach a video to show you what it looks like) But I'll try. Time 28:47

    Need a script that will release the space button to do this trick for a long time and stably.(Probably I did not quite correctly explain to you .. but I really hope that you will understand me) I will be glad for any help!!
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