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    Question Games databases

    Hey, I was wondering where I can find games weapon/quests/other stats informations to make site like ?

    Is it somewhere in game files publicly available, or do I have to reverse it, or do game devs public it somewhere (I'm not talking only about Bns, but about every game)
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    Many MMO games out there (such as World of Warcraft and possibly Blade & Soul) will probably have a private-server community or a modding community.

    If you can extract the data from the MMO game, then chances are you can probably extrapolate all of the weapons, items, areas, quests, spells, ingredients, currencies, etc... as well as their statistics for the information you're looking for.

    The only thing you'd have to hunt down is an image of said item to display in a Wiki-like format.

    I'd recommend looking for any .db files that you may encounter from the extracted data (I use DB Browser for SQLite to open those) which is essentially a database to store the information you may be looking for.

    I know that WoW has something similar to this for extrapolating their in-game items, areas, and quests.
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