Hi MPGHers, I'm looking for suppliers/business partner for our rotmg shop.

About me
Co-owner of RPGStash/Whitebag/PotionsROTMG/Gamerall
Founder of our China CS Center with 20+ Employees
Member since 2007 on another forum with Thousands of Vouches
Member since 2013 on mpgh with 100+ Vouches

About our website
Established main site in 2004.
Expanded our business to many games including Runescape/RoTMG/Trove/CSGO etc
Purchased whitebag in 2013, purchased potionsrotmg in 2014
Most long-standing RoTMG shop around - running since 2013 without downtime
24/7 Service for 10 years+
50k+ RoTMG orders sold, 10k+ RoTMG customers served
Worked with 2 major RoTMG suppliers from mpgh, both have made $100k+ from us

Looking for
Dupe Method
Bulk Supplier
Smaller Suppliers
Business Partner

Bulk Supplier: Have a dupe method/unlimited stock for everything
Smaller Suppliers: Have a constant supply of potions/items
Business Partner: Experienced with RoTMG, have decent rep and some source of supply

What We Pay
One-off payment or monthly payment for dupe method
One-off payment per sale for suppliers
Salary + Commission for partner
Other negotiable payment

If you're interested, please add me on skype https://**********.com/addskype?rpg.yan
Or email yan@rpgstash.com

Thank you and hope to meet some great people .