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    Unhappy Faslely Banned

    I was banned for a series of issues regarding a Supreme e-book which I "never" even released and never even completed.I made a thread asking people if they wanted something like this and they started assuming it was fake even though that wasn't the question.I was banned relating to an e-book that was never released...

    Second there is another user on lf who wanted to release a similar one but heard about mine and started tormenting me basically by making fake shit to make me look bad including getting my steam banned which you can check in my profile and you can tell the ban is recent.He overwactc botted me but that's not important and he also made fake threads both on MPGH and LF and Nuled**** something to make my ebook look fake.I talked to him on Skype and agreed to let him have 20% if he shares his method.

    Now that everything is solved I think I should not have been banned because of a ebook that was never released and people having no proof I made it or am even selling it.With that I would love to be unbanned and thanks for reading I guess?

    If I do release it however of course I will have vouches and will be doing a giveaway for 5 copies...
    It should be a 50 page ebook that is very in depth and of course legit when you see vouches.No fake proof was made etc.And people will see it's real from vouches.

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    You had a clear intention to scam: faking proof and resources for an ebook of public knowledge?

    See ya!

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