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    Lightbulb [RETAIL] Hunniemuzkhin's UE Speaker Service [CHEAP] [BTC/ETH/SKRILL]

    Mpgh profile :
    Product :
    Payment method :
    Country :


    Long story short.
    Well, i can aready feel the summer vibe, and i know how much i'll need funds to exploit it correctly. Since ebay sucks for me, i'd rather sell straight to people, even tough i'm losing a bit, atleast i don't get chargebacked by idiots.

    Can i choose a color ?
    No, unless you provide your own serial.

    Do you ship to America/Canada ?
    No, once again.

    Can i use the same address over and over again, and is drop needed?
    I always tell everyone to use a drop, alltough you can use your own, but i'd recommend to use it every few weeks atleast.

    Can i negotiate ?
    No, i provide fairly low prices, unless you're ordering for few addresses at once.

    Are you doing other items/companies?
    Yes i do.
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