Hey guys i have just checked my Trove account and there is some left over Flux that i would like to sell and also the account.

Flux : I currently have around 14.6 mil flux that i would like to sell + any other material that you might be interested in.
Flux Price : 1.55$ for 100K

Account : It is not the best account as I have not played the game in months.
Account information ;
50K cubits
Highest PR class is around 15k
10 classes unlocked - some around 2.5k pr for leaderboards and some are 10k pr +
Mastery 213
Most of the needed Vials, Tomes , Mounts etc.
Price is for negotiation.

How the trade will be done :
I will accept payment mostly in Bitcoin but also others if bought in bulk( Paypal , CSGO Skins, Steam)
You will be going first unless you have more vouches.
I will be trading the flux over to you manually.
Contact me through skype by clicking the button or add "mat.kulik"