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    Blacklisted Minecraft Hack Clients

    I see the same hacked clients being uploaded over and over again which aren't allowed on MPGH. These clients have developed into great clients but no longer comply with MPGH rules. The following clients are essentially "blacklisted" until they develop to remove what they were blacklisted for.

    Note: There may be nothing wrong with these clients and it may be completely safe but it just doesn't comply with MPGH rules.

    • Aristois - Dis cord links, GitHub links, other links etc, external download links (when client updates)
    • Matix - Dis cord links and other links
    • Jigsaw - Outside links
    • Nodus - Auto-updater
    • Wolfram - Auto-updater
    • Wurst - Auto-updater

    I will update this list as the days come and new clients are released.
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    Thanks for providing this information.

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    As a further note, any user that suspects a hacked client to violate MPGH regulations may PM me, Ahlwong, or any Global Moderator to have it reviewed.

    If we deem it to break any of our rules, it will be updated here.

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