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    Make a csgo private cheat / paste.

    Hey i know this was already posted on here but i think this needs to be made, i need a good csgo private cheat/paste tutorial.
    I know i can just get ayyware and edit it but I want to have a more advanced cheat or at least be able to make a paste of any free cheat.

    Like hentaiware for example, can someone tell me how to edit/decompile a dll like hentaiware? What are some setups for best coding internal cheats, a good program to find memory to read and write, ect.

    I know how to program in javascript, html, css, easy shit like that and i want to move onto a different kind of programming language like C++. I don't want to know how to code in C++ because i can find an easy tutorial on google in 30 seconds, and thats not what this is about anyway. I want to know how to make an injectable dll, read write memory properly for VAC (like honestly dose vac even detect certain things over others?).

    I know i could spend a few hours on google trying to find stuff but i though this is easier and there are already people who know exactly what i need.

    Yes i know its stupid I don't know C++ or C# yet but i want to learn off of viewing other peoples hacks and making very simple ones.

    Thanks to any one who can get me pointed in the right direction or link me to a helpful article on injecting cheats into games.
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    Finally a good cheat, oh wait thats just ahk.

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    Well the most common answer will be learncpp , there are tutorials on youtube for that just search a bit (you said you did searched but sorry, that's how it works, you do a research and you learn from them)

    Nobody will teach you step by step everything, you have to do that on your own (there are some tutorials on mpgh about this just use the search button or other forums if you just type: CS:GO Cheat-Making)
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