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    How to get a ghillie in 5-10 minutes on every server (Coming soon)

    Before we get to the glitch i wanna say something, if you use this on any server and get banned dont cry to me , but i encourage use on Colony us-1 i am having a little beef with the owner and wanted to get him back in a way, lastly i will not be posting any proof of the glitch as i know it works and if you just try it will work for you too, its easy! Please leave a thanks and give me some of that rep for posting, post will be up in less then a hour just wanna make sure i dont leave out anything.

    - - - Updated - - -

    K so the glitch has nothing to do with ghillies themselves, what your going to want to do is get a spawn somewhere on shore (this is kinda important unless you already have some netting), but once on the shore go around get some netting and loot sheds until you find a burlap sack should take you around 3-7 minutes to get !!1 BURLAP SACK, AND AS MUCH NETTING AS YOU NEED (full ghillie half ghillie, gunwrap)!! now you need to get a knife so just search for rocks craft a knife, then put the burlap sack on your head and cut it, it will land in your hand and a cut piece will be in your invent, rinse and repeat until you have all of your burlap strips

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    thanks for sharing! gonna try this next time i play dayZ

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