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    [Publicist]MPGHcraft Alpha Testing - Get a Free Minecraft Account!

    Hello, I'm Raple the head of Event Management for the Publicist Team.

    We are currently working on the new MPGHcraft server, and are in the absolute earliest stages of development.

    If you would like to work side by side with the official Publicist team, and help bring an MPGH project to life, please apply now to be a part of the Alpha phase. This project will be directly headed by Raple, Silent, Allura, Ahlwong, and Dependent of the Publicist team.

    You do not need to have a Minecraft account to be a part of the Alpha! The Publicist team is offering 15 completely unmigrated accounts for your use on the server. We encourage those accepted to use these accounts instead of your main accounts, so any abilities/items you gain during the alpha don't need to be manually wiped.

    Alpha Spots Left: 15

    Please know that being a part of this Alpha phase is a big deal, and is to be taken seriously. You will be working directly on an MPGH official project that will eventually be opened to the public user base. Quality and effort is expected out of anyone that is accepted. Do not apply if you intend on taking the account and doing nothing, as you will be punished.

    -250 Posts.
    -2 months of activity.
    -Have shown the willingness to help the community prior to applying.
    -Have a good amount of free time to work with the Publicist team.
    Time Zone/Location:
    Builder, Tester, Both?:
    Why should you be accepted?:
    This thread is for applications ONLY. Do not ask when an application will be accepted. If you are accepted, you will be PMed accordingly. These applications will remain open throughout the entire Alpha period, so feel free to apply at any time. If you are denied, do not reapply. You were denied for a reason. If your application is removed because you do not meet the requirements, feel free to apply again when you do. Repeatedly applying without the requirements is an action that is subject to infraction or worse, depending on the circumstances. If you do for some reason attempt to apply for the Alpha and steal the account, essentially doing nothing to help us, you will receive a ban on MPGH as well as be barred from all future Publicist projects/events.

  2. The Following 4 Users Say Thank You to Raple For This Useful Post:

    [MPGH]Ahlwong (12-02-2017),Arthursao123 (12-01-2017),Silent (12-01-2017),Silentalt (11-30-2017)

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