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    Fortnite VPN/Cheating bypasses?

    This is quite troublesome for me.

    Even though I haven't ran hacks myself, I played with a friend who attempted several times to use hacks (while being in party with me)

    Things I've done as an attempt to fix it: (non worked)
    - Revo uninstaller -> Remove Epic Game Launcher + Game and re-installed the game with a new account.
    - VPN (several types and new account every time)
    - Removing Identifiers folder from Registry files.

    Things I haven't tried:
    - Revo Uninstaller -> Epic Game Launcher + Game -> re-install with new account and fresh IP (my IP is dynamic, so restarting router should get me new one)
    - Revo Uninstaller ->Epic Game Launcher + Game -> re-install with new account and fresh MAC Address.

    A friend of mine legit told me that he had the same error and this worked for him: (according to my friend, it worked)
    - Started the VPN( vpn is the one he used).
    - Opened Epic Game Launcher
    - Signed up a new account.
    - Started the game.
    - He said, while the game was loading, he was lagging. Eventually, when it finished loading, He was already parachuting down.

    He had terrible ping because of this "shit" VPN as he called it, but it was working for him that match.
    However, He couldn't use the same trick again on that account and couldn't pull it again mainly.

    that makes me think that Epic game launcher constantly checks your IP once you connect to the internet or periodically.

    I believe that using his trick but adding that you always need to:
    - Open the VPN before opening the Epic Game Launcher (Logging into the account)
    - Close Epic Game Launcher before closing the VPN.

    Let me know your thoughts and what could work.

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    Send a ticket to the actual game company if you are serious about your non hacking claims.
    You shouldn't be IP banned just because someone was playing on your party with hacks. LOL

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