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    MPGH Embedded Chat is now LIVE

    A new year welcomes new functionality on MPGH.

    The MPGH embedded chat is now live. Currently, it is in BETA as a public release. To access the chat, login and hit the chat button on the bottom left of the screen.
    This chat is aimed to slowly phase out ***** usage and PM on the site, and transition into using the embedded chat.

    Since this chat is in its initial phases, it will have bugs. We ask of you kindly to report any bugs here: If you find any bugs, report them here:
    If you have any suggestions, you may post in that thread as well.

    Thank you. Enjoy the new feature.

    Here's a full FAQ, done by @Psychotic. Please read this. The FAQ will be updated as time goes on and needs for clarification arise.

    Embedded Chat FAQ

    Q: I can't even find where the chat is, do I need a special plugin or download?
    A: Nope! The chat can be found at the bottom left of the site.


    In order to use the chat you must register on Otherwise, guests can only spectate the '#general' chat.

    Q: I have a really good suggestion, where do I post it? / What to do if you've encountered a bug.
    A: All feature suggestions and bug reports can be posted here.

    Q: Is there a way to mute the notification sound(s)?
    A: There are two ways to mute notification sounds.

    You can mute notification sounds for the entire embedded chat which includes all channels you are, or potentially will be, connected to in the future. This setting can be found under the channel selection of the main user interface as shown below.


    Alternatively, you can mute individual channel notification sounds if you want notifications from specific chats.


    Q: How do I mention a user in the chat like I can on MPGH?
    A: You can mention users the same way by prefixing their name with an @.

    Q: Can the chat be opened on its own web page/tab?
    A: Unfortunately, the chat can't be opened on its own web page/tab for now. However, if you wish to have the chat open at all times and not have it interfere with you're browsing you can definitely open an MPGH tab specifically to have the chat open while your other tab is for your browsing.

    Q: How can I make the chat larger?
    A: Chats can be resized by clicking and dragging the top right corner.


    Q: How can I add my own custom emotes?


    Emote button -> User -> Upload a new emoji

    You can have a maximum of 50 custom emotes.
    Each emote must be 50x50 in dimension and will not be resized automatically.
    In the "Upload a new emote" popup, after uploading one, you must add a shortcut so it can be used by you in chat without having to go and click it.

    Q: How do I use emotes?
    A: In conjunction with the last question, emotes can be used by either typing out their shortcut or clicking them in the emote user interface.

    Emotes are automatically parsed by the chat when you type them out so before sending the emote you should be able to see it.


    There is a plethora of emotes provided by the server already that you can choose from.

    Q: Are there new rules for this chat? Can I get banned?
    A: All MPGH site rules pertain to the embedded chat and thus so do the consequences. Breaking any of the rules may result in a ban/kick from the chat and/or MPGH's forums.

    Q: How do I show I'm AFK in chat?
    A: You can use the /away <reason> command


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