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    Crypto Resources

    I noticed that a good amount of users here are usually asking for help/advice so I'd like to just dump a bunch of resources that y'all can use.

    These are the exchanges that I've personally used and trust

    They do fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto. I'd recommend this exchange to European users mostly.

    The most noob friendly exchange. Fiat to crypto. They also have a phone app which is really useful. However, beware of high fees.


    The GDAX is operated by Coinbase, just an fyi. It's decent exchange. You can move your coin from coinbase to the GDAX and trade.


    Crypto to crypto. Poloniex is the first crypto to crypto exchange I have ever used and it does it's job fine.


    Bittrex looks ugly as hell but it gets the job done. Bittrex has TONS of trading pairs (maybe even the most, but I'm not sure on that).

    IMO, the best exchange out there currently. Crypto to crypto. Not to mention Binance also has it's own phone app too and its UI is great. Highly recommend getting Binance on your phone.

    Hardware Wallets



    Personally I have never used hardware wallets. If I was really good I would but...

    Offline Paper Wallets

    This is for Bitcoin.

    This is for Litecoin.


    This is for Ethereum. This site is a bit confusing compared to the other two so I'd say don't use it unless you know what you're doing...but that goes for everything.


    There is no better resource out there than Coinmarketcap imo. It tells you basically EVERYTHING about a coin when you click on it. It also tells you about all the different exchanges. There's so much. If I had to choose 1 resource, this would be it.


    This site gives LIVE updates on coin values. You don't even have to refresh the page. And there's a bunch of other info on there too but that's the main part.

    Similar to coincapio in that it has live updates and you don't have to refresh the page. There's graphs on screen unlike coincapio if you like that better.

    This site keeps track of current events/future events for cryptos. I personally use it to predict future pumps.

    Phone app where you can manually track all your holdings/transactions and just about any coin on any popular exchange.

    Due to some censors, if a link says (dot)io, sub out (dot) with ".". If anyone has any other resources they'd like to recommend, let me know. Good luck to all you investors and traders out there.

    If you'd like to donate to me, here are my Coinbase addresses. I'd put my Binance addresses for other coins but that'd take too long.

    BTC: 1BumLH2r8UX2HWKngyjPvKohDNHjxoJWR8
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