This is a old game i was playing many years ago and now i'm starting in this world of hacking i want to know if this kind of games (old online games) can be hacked. All this atemps are with cheat engine ^.^

I tried this:

-speed hack: just searching values (increased, decreased while moving) and when i finaly founded it i tryend to modified it but nothing happened.

-no hability couldowns: (the same procces) and when i freez the value to spam the hability the game closed.

-modify resources: (in this case i don't have good feelings couse i know this kind of values are entirely processed by the server) so i finded the value modified but when i get another of that resource the value gets normal.

-ships/parts of ships no cost: (the same feelings that last) I search for the value the ship cost and when modify and close the menu and open it the value is 0 but when i try to buy i can't couse i don't have enough money.

-infity health: (in this case i can't find the value, like i did in other cases - unkonw value/tipe all and increase and decrease values)

Some ideas? (i'm watching some online games that the server is bypassed like DbD and they can modify values (offline) but they can speedhack, infity health, etc. In online game so i think some of this ideas can be done ins't it?

sorry for my english is not my lenguage and i hate use google translator ^.^