I am playing this world famous card game belonging to the so-called "instant games" on Facebook, but I wonder whether there is a hack available online for it (the only ones I can find for UNO are on "Youtube" movies of years ago, so outdated to say the least, because this is a 2018 game, and it is being updated all the time apparently!): an endless amount of coins f.e. would be perfect, since you have got to have at least 100 of them to be able to play the game in the first place, and I suppose other features like trophies, exp(erience), likes, charisma and popularity (new as of today!) should also be able to be hacked!

Finally, last but definitely not least, maybe useful to know for hacking purposes: my personal account is to be found at https://apps.facebook.com/instantgam...l_logging_info[upsell_type]=canvas_divebar&upsell_logging_info[row_type]=canvas_games&upsell_logging_info[position]=0

Hopefully someone over here can help me?