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    MPGH News - 215th Edition

    215th Edition - August 15th, 2018
    Snapple Fact: In 1860, Abraham Lincoln grew a beard at the suggestion of an 11-year-old girl!

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    Four People Dead, 2 Police Officers, In Fredericton Shooting
    Recent news about the shooting in Fredericton, New Brunswick, has shocked everybody, as four people have been announced dead. Out of these four, two were police officers. The news has stunned Canada and Justin Trudeau was not too late to give his condolences to the families affected by the incident.
    The officers, Sarah Burns and Robb Costello, were pronounced dead, however, the civilians who lost their lives remain unnamed.
    It is still unclear as to why the shooting took place or what the motive behind it was. Mayor of Fredericton, Mike O’ Brien, while speaking about the incident and remembering the deceased, said, “They gave their lives while protecting us today”. He added, “Our thoughts go out to their families”.
    Both police officers were married and leave behind their partners and children.
    The suspect has been taken into custody and is being given treatment for ‘severe’ wounds gotten during the incident. For now, it seems he just opened fire out of the blue that killed four people today.
    Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was quick to comment on the situation, as he grieved and tweeted, “Awful news coming out of Fredericton”. His tweet was followed by a heart-felt condolence to the victims and their families.
    Fredericton currently has about 56,000 people. It is quite rare to have police officers killed there. Line in duty men and women have rarely been shot before.
    While gun laws remain a serious concern in Canada and are more proactive than the US, it is clear that such incidents are still taking place. The measures of the government have been obvious but they have not been that sound to protect the citizens or the police officers.
    It remains unclear as to what the motive of the shooter might have been. However, the shooter did not lose his life and therefore, will be subject to scrutiny before the court of law. Nonetheless, the recent upset has caused four lives and it is a devastating day for Canada.

    Realm of the Mad God Hacks & Cheats
    There’s some hype around Realm of the Mad God Hacks & Cheats section as MPGH is looking for a new minion. So, in honour of this news, this week, MPGH news will feature a Realm of the Mad God Hacks. This week’s hack of the week is 059's client. It has so many features that I cannot list them all here. However, some of the fun ones to play around with include, teleport to self, seeing the number of enemies left in dungeon, custom sound effects and many more. To view the full feature list, please visit the hack thread, which is linked below. While hacking may seem like fun and games, it is a could be considered a serious offense by the game staff. When hacking, always be aware that there are consequences for your actions, which may include receiving a ban. Always double check the hack’s thread to see if anyone else has been caught. As always, happy hacking!

    How to install Fortnite on Android
    Fornite is the game to play currently if you enjoy battle arena genre of gaming. The game has already been out Microsoft windows, Xbox and for apple devices for quite a while. Now that its finally being released for android there is a swarm of people wanting to start playing the game but there are a few things you should know before getting into it. For some reason they have decided to release their apk through their own website so do not download an app from the play store. Next because of the huge player-base there is a wait list, so go to epic and sign up for it to start playing as soon as possible. However all that being said, make sure you have a decent phone to play on, because even though the requirements are low for fortnite your phone specs might not be able to handle it and also make sure you have decent internet or you will have a bad time playing this game. However if the apple launch is anything to go by, you don't have much to worry if you are patient. It took about two-three weeks and the app was up on the iTunes app store so this will probably be the same but with a bit longer wait time since its android. Good luck to you fornite gamers.

    Roger Daltrey on Kanye and Hip-Hop
    Daltrey released his tenth solo album ‘As Long As I Have You’ on the same day as West dropped his lastest LP ‘ye’ and had some thoughts on the rapper. When asked if he knew West’s music, Daltery told Rolling Stone: “I do because he did a big festival in England a few years ago,” seemingly recalling West’s Glastonbury set in 2015. He continued: “It’s kind of meaningless to me, to be honest with you. I like some of the rhythms of rap. But it hasn’t gone anywhere from the first record that ever came out with those kind of rhythms, has it?”
    When asked to clarify his comments on the genre, Daltrey said: “Has hip-hop evolved? I don’t think it has at all.” However, he did sing the praises of one rapper. “I do think Eminem is still one of the most creative people in that whole arena. He’s fabulous. I love him.”
    It's hard to believe someone involved with music as heavily as "The Who"'s lead singer, Roger Daltrey could be so ignorant when it comes to his profession but his quotes prove as much. Kanye has released 9 albums all with different sounds. (College Dropout and Late Registration are arguably similar, though). Kanye explores "boom-bap" rap in his early albums and switches to a more contemporary style on his album "Graduation". After the death of his Mother, Kanye released the album "808s and Heartbreak" where we hear an incredibly melancholy side to Kanye. After this Kanye will have released his true masterpiece and most favored album by his fans, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". "Yeezus" came out 3 years after MBDTF and explored sounds no artist had capitalized on yet. While I find these ventures far from meaningless, rockstar Roger Daltrey disagrees. Maybe rockstars and rappers should stay in their own genres. What do you think?

    An Airline Employee Stole A Plane From Seattle Airport And Was Chased By Fighter Jets Before Crashing
    On Friday 10 around 8pm, A 29-years-old suicidal man decided to steal a plane from Seattle Airport, he told the air traffic controllers that he was "just a broken guy" and he try to carry out some stunts in the sky, on Saturday colleagues of the man identified him as Richard "Beebo" Russell, just a simple ground services agent who towed aircraft and handled baggages. However, Alaska Airlines said that there were nobody else aboard the aircraft, this aircraft was an Horizon Air Q400 turboprop, first reports told that this guy was an airline mechanic but, a statement confirmed that the man was just a ground service agen, he was here to direct plaes for takeoff and other maneuvers. The takeoff was unautorized. Coast Guard received reports of the stolen plane after 9pm and the plane went down within 20 mins after the report, the pilot was trying to do stunts with the plane, he flew for about an hour before crashing in a wooded area on Ketron Island. Although, this incident was not related to terrorism.

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