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    Making an Overwatch Cheat I Just Need Some Info

    I dont really know anything about overwatch's anti-cheat system and im wondering if anyone with knowledge on the subject can help. also i have seen pixel aimbots as one way to go so i made one but it would work for about 3 minutes and then my screenshots would start returning black pictures, still no ban. Im thinking im just gonna take the memory reading route but i've read cheat engine was blacklisted? is it just by the process name? I have 4 accounts to burn and im not trying to one of them banned figuring out where to start so any help would much appreciated!

    My D1scord is goof#4816 if you wanna talk on there, I'm always down to collaborate on this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goofmodding View Post
    i've read cheat engine was blacklisted? is it just by the process name?
    You can get by the CE insta detection by using CE's built in VM if your setup is compatible with it.

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