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    MPGH News - 219th Edition

    219th Edition - September 19th, 2018
    Snapple Fact: Cats have over 100 vocal cords.

    None this week.

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    Tropical storm Florence left a few nasty surprises
    The storm Florence has left a few big suprises for LeIgh Bell.
    The storm has flooded her home in New bERN, N.C. It tore down her 1.5-storey garage leaving just her roof and foundation behind and carrying the rest of the building,
    “Don’t know where the Miss Scarlett came from — the boat,” she told the Associated Press on Sunday. “It must have been anchored somewhere and just washed in during the storm.”
    Leigh Bell is only among thousands of New Bern residents telling about the damage to their property after the storm, Florence, finished ravaging the community with wind speed of 145km/h and heavy rain. The city of 30,000 is located near the Atlantic Ocean, between 2 rivers and because of the heavy storm the water levels has increased immensely causing a flood. There has been over 4,200 homes and 300 commercial buildings damaged, roads were deemed unusable and 1,200 residents has been placed in temporary shelter. Rescue crews have so far saved 800 people,after the storm, officials said on Monday.

    Millions evacuated as Typhoon Mangkhut leaves Hong Kong in tatters
    Typhoon Mangkhut is barrelling across southern China bringing torrential rains, winds of over 250 kilometres per hour and gusts of 255 kph. The typhoon has killed two and has caused over three million people to evacuate to safer areas.
    Work at more than 29,000 construction sites and over 600 tourist spots have been closed while the typhoon slams China's Guangdong province.
    "Prepare for the worst," Hong Kong Security Minister John Lee Ka-chiu urged residents.
    Authorities in southern China have issued a red alert - the most severe warning - as the national meteorological centre said the more densely populated areas would face "a severe test" caused by the massive typhoon. Officials have been urged to prepare for the disasters to come.
    Though Hong Kong managed to avoid a similar fate as the Philippines, where more than 50 people are believed to have died in the storm, damage to the city has been extensive.

    Trainers and Cheats
    This week we have an awesome Crossfire NA cheat release. This Haxxon V2.0(cheat) was created by [K]akashi, this being the third release from the creator. The cheat has more or about 24 features, some of them being Wall hack, Auto-aim, No-Recoil, No Zone damage, No reload and many more. Sometimes it is possible to get a "error report" on the login screen on joining the channel but it's pretty dope except that. Initially the game had an injection bug, but it was quickly fixed and re-uploaded after some players complained about it. Lately it's been noticed that Crossfire NA release frequency is falling, as players are slowly shifting to other first person shooting games, in a nutshell the game isn't much of a hype now. Just because the player base is dying slowly doesn't mean you will never get a ban. There is always a possibility of the player getting banned, so play on your risks!

    Belgian Government launches investigation against EA
    Since April, the Belgium government has come out to say they see Loot Boxes as a form of gambling and are therefore an illegal part of video games. In light of this, game devs and publishers such as Valve and 2K have pulled out loot boxes from their games in the Belgium marketplace. Despite this EA has ignored the warnings (fines of up to €800,000), and have continued to feature loot boxes in FIFA 18, with FIFA 19 looking to continue that trend. In retaliation the Belgium government have launched a criminal investigation into EA and their practices with EA claiming that their loot boxes are not gambling as there is no way for in game items to be exchanged for real world currency. EA are likely to challenge this in court, however, if they do win, it is likely that Belgium will just adjust the gambling laws to include loot boxes in their entirety.

    Dead or Alive 6 Strongest Package
    Weeaboos everywhere rejoiced as Koei Tecmo announced Dead or Alive 6 Strongest Package. Priced at over double the lower tier Collector's Edition, the coveted collection includes a dakimakura cover featuring Ayane and Kasumi in tantalizing poses. If that wasn't enough to get the saliva dripping then the five bathroom posters and three oppai mousepads is surely enough enchant even the whitest of knights. One of the three mousepads looks to feature an entirely new female character, which is interesting if you actually intend to play the game. In light of these announcements, it look like those who feared a more politically correct DOA have nothing to about.

    Apple Watch's hype at the annual Apple keynote
    At the annual iPhone event on Wednesday, many Apple fans weren't as hyped for the three "new" phones that they were gonna showoff and release later this fall, the hype was centered around the soon releasing Apple Watch Series 4. With it's rounded corners, larger display, while maintaining it's original case size, it also includes a built-in ECG/EKG scanner, which stands for "Electrocardiogram" or the process being called "Electrocardiography", which simply put, measures electrical activity of the heart via your skin or fingertip in this case. Many having to decide between the "same" and "old boring" phones such as the new XS and XR instead of the new Apple Watch Series 4 because some clearly see that Apple can wring out the same product year after year and despite these known facts, sales statistics show that many are still eager to buy the latest, fastest, lightest and fanciest phone and would be willing to fork over up to $1800. Improvements for the watch this year would include a 50 percent louder speaker, new and rearranged microphones, a seriously fast 64-bit S4 processor, better cellular reception, Bluetooth 5, a new and improved Digital Crown with ECG/EKG, new UI elements, nearly edge-to-edge display, and a rounded case. The watch bands have not been altered and have stayed the same between 38mm bands up to the 44mm ones.

    OnePlus to Starting Making TV's
    Ever heard of OnePlus? Well they make amazing devices and have some cool tech out there. Are well known for there screens and vibrant and true colors. Chinese phone maker OnePlus is opening a new division focused on making televisions, the company announced Monday. The division will make smart TVs that combine high-quality hardware with a seamless user experience and minimalist design, OnePlus said. Founder and CEO Pete Lau will lead the division, which OnePlus sees as a natural extension of its current tech business (1 Collins). Discussion about mirroring features for the new TV has been heard of. OnePlus was founded in 2013, making it a relative latecomer to the competitive phone industry. And yet the company has managed to find favor among Android fans, with a customer-centric focus and exclusive launch events that have led to people sometimes queuing around the block to get their hands on new models of phones. Now it aims to do the same with TVs, promising better connectivity between the big screens in our living rooms and our other devices (12 Collins). Also not to be a fanboy of google but peep October. Pixel 3 is supposed to be released then!

    6LACK - East Atlanta Love Letter
    "East Atlanta Love Letter" is 6LACK's 2nd studio album following his debut album "Free 6LACK". 6LACK has always been good at slower, chill vibes in his songs and he definitely gives us another example of that feeling in this album's entirety. We can hear 6LACK giving us real life accounts of incidents happening to him in the song "Scripture". He mentions the time someone put a gun to his head and things like his child started passing through his mind at only 16 when he didn't even have a child yet. On songs like "Nonchalant" and "Disconnect" we're taken on a calm journey through 6LACK's thought processes. He mentions love, he mentions pain. 6LACK talks about how often others believe that if they could just become rich they would be living freely, but he's quick to remind everyone of Meek Mill. There's also a clever play on words in this line with a reference to a million dollars as "mil" and Meek's name. This album gives us a peek into the mind of a true vibe rap artist. I enjoyed this album tremendously and have been looking forward to a more calm, less heavy album the past few months.
    I give this album a 7 / 10. Most of the album is pretty consistent with it's given theme, although this could get boring or forgettable for some.
    You can listen to this album here

    N.F.L. Week 2 Highlights: Cowboys Beat Giants; Jaguars Top Patriots
    Week 2 of the NFL season has so far been full of surprises. First of all, the game between the Chiefs and the Steelers was extremely close, with a final score of 42-37 in favor of the Chiefs. Mahomes, an up-and-rising star player of the Chiefs managed to throw the ball for 326 yards and scored six touchdowns during this game. Analysts claim that Mahomes's performance for this game was nearly perfect, with a rating of 154.8. Another interesting game this week was the Cowboys - Giants game, where the score was 20-13 in favor of the Cowboys. The Cowboys were able to win because of their strong defense, and analysts feel that they will do well this season. Lastly, the game between the Jaguars and the Patriots was also exciting, with a score of 31-20 in favor of the Jaguars. This was a shocker to many fans as many view the Patriots to be a stronger team than the Jaguars, as shown when the Patriots beat the Jaguars during last year's A.F.C. Championship game.

    Interview - SanderThePanda


    [MPGH]Hentai: Hello there, thank you for taking part in MPGH interview this week, as I do not want to waste your time, I'll be keeping it short but possibly entertaining.

    SanderThePanda: Hello, and no problem, it is not a waste of the time. My MPGH is SanderThePanda.

    [MPGH]Hentai: Firstly, how are you today? How was your day, anything significant, or even weird happened today? Also as we are doing an interview , the community may want to learn more about you
    so what do you do in real life. Do you work? Are you a student? Or just a random dude who loves cringy communities? Anyways any chance you can tell me more about how you find MPGH,
    as there are usually a back story behind.

    SanderThePanda: I am doing freaking brilliant, just took a shower (yes at 2:09 PM), nothing significant, or anything weird happened today. How are you though? How was your day? I don't do much in real life, in all honesty, just chilling at home, doing some stuff, creating YouTube content at the moment, but taking a slight break, yes a random dude who loves cringy communities like mpgh where i have an allowance to make someone mad   - how I found MPGH? Oh, this goes way back, as I was playing War Rock at the time when it was under the development by K2 Network / Gamersfirst, so I was looking for some cheats for the game, and stumbled upon the website via YouTube!

    [MPGH]Hentai: Aha that sounds wonderful. Let's proceed, by a chance did anything changed in your life after finding this lovely, oh excuse, I mean cringy community? For example, at first for myself , I was just using it
    to download game cheats, but after I while I somewhat got addicted to the site like others from what I heard. It was like, if I were to end up in internet even through my phone, I would
    surely check to see any kind of notification whether it was important or not, and possibly contribute to it as much as I could. Did anything similar happened to you?

    SanderThePanda: Ha! I wasn't as addicted as I am now with MPGH back in 6-8 years ago, all I was doing back then was develop some cheats, use some cheats and find some friends who are not around anymore, sadly, wish they were so i could catch up with them.

    [MPGH]Hentai: That is indeed same for me I guess. What do you think will happen to MPGH after several years? What are your insights? Of course not trying to make your work harder, please use your imagination and possible be creative.

    SanderThePanda: I do not know what will happen, possibly some higher up buying the website from Dave to develop better cheats? LOL I wish that would happen, partly, haha. But who really knows, i don't put much into these thoughts, i'm that kind of person who lives in present.

    [MPGH]Hentai: Don't let Dave hear about it. Also lets talk more about real life, do you by chance have any kind of talent? Or any hobbies which you think makes you unique? Or let me rephrase it, do you think you are unique? If yes how? If not , what would you change in your life to achieve it.

    SanderThePanda: I do not have talent, I'm a talentless individual who sadly does something that everyone else is doing, and no, i do not have any hobbies that make me unique, maybe within my own family for sure, yeah, but other than that, no, there isn't anything unique about me, all MPGH sees me as is some raging asshole in the internet   - if there was anything that I could change, I would change my personality for the better to achieve more things, be that on YouTube, Twitch or MPGH.

    [MPGH]Hentai: That sounds terrible, anyways I aint talentless so don't care. Anyways, probably going to be one of the last questions I'll be asking you today? What have you achieved until now that you are proud of ? It doesn't have to be a good? Just something that makes you feel like you did something. Just asking , as it makes it clear what kind of characteristics you have.

    SanderThePanda: What I am most proud of is that, after this long being part of MPGH, banned, unbanned, whatever the reasons were of why was I banned, the only thing that really makes me happy and what I have wanted to achieve is do more within the community and change my characteristics with it, and as you may have noticed, it kind of had been working out, being part of the News Force gives me the real insight in whatever or not it is really that hard or I just thought things wrong, which I did, it really isn't that hard if you follow the rules and what format you supposed to do it in, being in News Force is one of the first achievements on MPGH, and I hope to achieve more in the site, and possibly achieve more in other sites as I want to be an entertainer, but with the lack of commentary or personality for it, then I do not think of it going to be happening.

    [MPGH]Hentai: That surely sounds like a achievement you enjoy having... This was surely a lovely conversation we had, anyone you like to mention as an appreciation towards them for being out there? It can be anyone you know or like.

    SanderThePanda: There are probably lots of people who are out there, but I am going to mention some of them who were my fellow War Rock coders - Brent (whose name on MPGH I have forgotten), Flash, Snape ( A fellow MPGH Minion in War Rock), and Alen or Allen (Don't remember how to spell his name, as he hasn't been around much either since War Rock died). It was lovely conversation with you too, was very nice to be interviewed, have a great day!

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