I'm having a problem trying to change my region on steam. I live in the UK & used a vpn to change my region to Russia, purchased some things, waited 2 weeks & then changed it back to UK a few days back. Now, when I look at the region change page and select Russia again to change to Rubles, I get:

You'll need to login to the Steam Client in this country to be eligible to change countries.
Your last Steam Client login country was: United Kingdom
You will not be able to change your country until you login into Steam from this new country.

This is the same way I changed it last time, I'm using a Russia VPN & my IP is showing as RU - If I select USA on the steam region change page it shows my current location as Russian Federation, yet I still cant change region due to 'Your last Steam Client login country was: United Kingdom' even though I'm logging into the steam client with a russian IP? Steam just wont register that im logging into the client from RU. I've tried logging into both website & client with RU IP but it still says my client login country is UK. This is the exact same method I used to change it previously - is it just on cooldown due to me changing recently? Usually that displays a message stating as such. I'm so confused, please help!