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    MPGH News - 221st Edition

    221st Edition - October 3rd, 2018
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    Tsunami in Indonesia, killing over 800 people
    A large earthquake and subsequent tsunami has struck Indonesia on Friday destroying buildings and killing over 800 people. The earthquake has been measured a 7.5 on the Richter scale, creating tsunami waves reaching over six metres, officials said. On Monday, the citizens of Palu began burying their dead in mass graves. Rescue workers are still continuing to search for any survivors in the rubble,including an eight story high hotel where there has been voices heard. A bridge located in Palu has collapsed, causing even further delays for the rescue workers to arrive. This has been the latest natural disaster to hit Indonesia, which is commonly hit with earthquakes,volcanic eruptions and tsunamis because its located on the " Ring of Fire" its an arc of volcanoes and fault lines in the Pacific Basin. People are talking about an early warning system that could have prevented many casualties and deaths in the recent tsunami that devastated Palu, a city in Indonesia.

    Elite: Dangerous Trainer
    Today we are going to take a look at a Elite trainer. It was released by @not_so_dangerous, thereby named, "Elite No So Dangerous 1.10". It is the creator's first trainer release available for Horizons and Non Horizons. Unfortunately, it's only for a 64-bit architecture i.e it, won't work in a 32-bit environment. The trainer has 30 features divided into three major categories: 'Damage/Others', 'Jump/Fuel' and 'Scanners', some of the sub features being, "No Jump Charge", "All Direction Jump", "Shield Damage", "No mass Lock", "All Direction Planet Scan" and many more. The trainer has been tested and reported as in working status for the game version 3.2.01. One of the requirements of the trainer is Cheat Engine 6.7 or above, so make sure it's installed before deploying the trainer. The trainer has a lot of positive review but as always we say, "Prevention is better than cure." Hack safe. Play Safe.

    Mojang Are Making New Minecraft Spin-off.
    At Minecon today, Mojang announced a new role-playing game set in the Minecraft universe. It’s called Minecraft: Dungeons.
    Due out next year on Windows PC (no word yet on other platforms), the game is being developed at Mojang’s home base in Sweden. It’s an overhead-view dungeon crawler, populated by monsters and familiar figures from the Minecraft world. Players can take on the world alone, or as part of a four-person group. Visually, the world is an enhanced version of Minecraft’s familiar landscape of blocks.
    Minecon is an annual digital presentation to Minecraft fans and the modding community. Other announcements today included a 2019 Minecraft update called “Village and Pillage,” which introduces new people into the game. Some of the new villagers are nice, including such noble professions as librarian, butcher, cleric, cartographer and fletcher. Others are not so nice, such as barbarians who launch attacks on villages.
    New modification tools were also unveiled, allowing modders to create expanded mobs and worlds. These include new ways to control mob spawning events, as well as new animations.

    Eye Tracking Eye Driving Drone
    Have you ever used a drone before? You usually use components and a remote or it may have an app you can download to fly it via use of your phone. This drone is in development from engineers at New York University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory. The drone uses eye tracking technology by reading the direction your eyes looking and computing that to driving mechanics of the drone itself. This solution provides the opportunity to create new, non-invasive forms of interactions between a human and robots allowing the human to send new 3D-navigation waypoints to the robot in an uninstrumented environment (Dr. Giuseppe Loianno 7-10). Personally one could use this for many applications. For emergency rescues, photography to videography, obviously the military applications, along with many other applications. This technology opens the doorway for things like this to possibly be used it other aspects of life such as other vehicles to toys and various other objects. Let me know what you guys think!

    Logic - Young Sinatra IV
    The long awaited sequel to the Young Sinatra trio has been delivered, and it carries on every element the previous ones have. The previous three Young Sinatra tapes were mixtapes, while YSIV is a studio album. Logic keeps straight forward with his "boom-bap" rap style on this tape, and even visits an older hip-hop wave. On the song "Wu-Tang Forever" Logic features Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, RZA, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Cappadonna, Jackpot Scotty Wotty, U-God, Masta Killa & GZA to deliver that real 90s hip-hop flow. On the self titled track "YSIV" Logic revisits the notion he had on his 2014 song "Nikki". In the song "Nikki", Logic raps about nicotine in the form of a girl. On "YSIV" Logic personifies money as himself. Towards the end of the track Logic gives an ode to Mac Miller, claiming that without Mac there would be no Young Sinatra. This tape is full of different sounds and all ranges of beats from old school hip-hop to new school trap. Young Sinatra IV picks up right where Logic left off in his previous Young Sinatra tapes. Logic has stated in the album and out of it that Young Sinatra IV is the last of the Young Sinatra series, and what a great closer it is.
    You can listen to this album here.

    Dirk Koetter changes QBs, then calls for own firing after blowout loss to Bears
    The Buccaneers have been doing fine until their complete and utter defeat from the Bears, marking the end of the "FitzMagic" era. During the game, Tampa Bay's Koetter decided to shuffle quarterbacks from Ryan Fitzpatrick to Jameis Winston. The quarterbacks' inepitude coupled with a weak offense resulted in the Buccaneers mustering after only four first downs and converting one third down when Fitzpatrick was the QB. The QB change happened toward the end of the first half, and Koetter claimed it was because of a "gut feeling". Even though the change did bring hype to the team, it was not enough to push the Buccaneers into a winning position. In order to win, analysts think that the Buccaneers must also improve their defense, as they lost in excess of four hundred yards in a game for the ninteenth time due to the defensive coordinator being Mike Smith. As a result, Koetter claims that everyone on that field should be fired in order for the Buccaneers to start winning again.

    Fire Ants Nearly Kill Woman
    A North Carolina woman never thought completing a simple task such as yard work would result in a near-death experience. Donna Kearns, of Archdale, was cutting through tall grass with a weed eater Saturday when she accidentally hit a mound of fire ants. The ants then “exploded” all over her, delivering sharp stings that “felt like pins going through you,” she told Fox 8. Panicked, Kearns advised the information station she tried to clean the ants off with water, however started to really feel ailing earlier than collapsing in her yard. Moments later, Kearns, who was experiencing allergic reactions from the stings, was saved by a pair who drove by her residence and noticed her sprawled within the yard. Emergency officers have been referred to as and Kearns was rushed to the hospital quickly after. Fire ants are recognized to sting, particularly when their nest is disturbed and the creatures really feel threatened. Actually, in line with Healthline, the ants assault in “swarms,” shortly climbing their means up legs and different “vertical surfaces.” “Fire ants are infamous for his or her painful stings. A floating fire ant colony is 10s to 100s of 1000’s of stinging ants out within the open. Not like honeybees, a person fire ant is ready to ship a number of stings,” Adrian Allen Smith, analysis biologist and head of the Evolutionary Biology & Habits Lab on the North Carolina Museum of Pure Sciences. Fire ant stings might be lethal. Anybody can develop an allergic response to the stings, although those that are stung for the primary time have the next likelihood of growing a extra critical response.

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    they only add you there if you have posted in the donation thread afaik

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    if shitposting was transformers you'd be optimus prime and eternity would be bumblebee
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    You're literally dumb.
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    Stop shitposting for god sakes, You're literally dumb.

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