That's right, I'm seeing how some fortunate few have recovered their accounts permanently closed by use of hacks, in my country if a service provider in this case the game license is revoked without a fair reason in the mercantile law, not in the terms from the provider, the provider has the obligation to pay the expenses derived from his decision to revoke the license to the client, in this case but reactivate the accounts at least they give back the money.
The situation is that to blizzard the memory monitoring with which accuse many justly and others unfairly hack is not entirely legal in many countries if you only monitor codes there are many who follow similar instructions without affecting the gameplay and if they have too much data then they would be recognizing themselves infringing several laws that protect our data, The question is, who is interested in joining this demand project to recover the accounts or the money? In a few days you will know if it works so you can send them the form if they are from Mexico or Europe, if they are from another country, maybe they will serve you but they should review the mercantile laws of your country.