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    Fastest Non-mem bot for Dark Crystal Shards (Essence of Defeat Reagent)

    This bot has fixes to the previously released Essence of Defeat bots here.
    1. Fixes the bug of getting stuck at 49/50 Defeated Makai.
    2. Makai farming happens by jumping over two different rooms, which is faster than doing in a single room and almost as fast as doing in a glitched room. So no need to glitch.
    3. Added label for Makai and Boss drops. So if you start the bot again in the middle when you have 50xDefeated Makai you don't unnecessarily move to Tercessuinotlim.
    4. You will join private rooms for Makai and all the bosses except Escherion and Tibicenas(Since he is difficult to solo).
    5. Corrected Spawn location for O-dokuro tooth.
    6. Also collects Essence of Nulgath while killing Dark Makai.

    The default class used is LightCaster. Feel free to change it.
    From my testing. On average it took me 5 minutes and 50 seconds to complete the quest once.
    The quest gives either 1x or 2x dark crystal shards.

    =====Virus Scans======

    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files

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    If you cannot run trainers please see this thread:

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