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    How to request an Official MiddleMan

    None of us MM PayPal currently. (Due to disputes/chargebacks)

    1. Make sure you have agreed on the trade and terms with the other party

    2. Contact one of us via PM or MPGH chat:

    Find out the current MMs through How2MPGH

    3. PM us the below code with the filled in details, or MPGH chat if you have under 15 posts.

    Other member involved: 
    Value of the trade: 
    What is being bought/sold: 
    Which cryptocurrency it is: 
    If there are any special terms (payment on tracking, delivery etc.):
    We will then take it from there, if your trade is an account for a game but is not shown on this thread then enquire personally with any of us
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    I am not a middleman nor do I buy/sell anything. If you are being contacted by someone off-site from MPGH then it's not me! Please report these to me via PM. Don't be stupid, think first.

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