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    MPGH News - 228th Edition

    228th Edition - January 21st, 2019
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    Facebook under fire yet again! Biggest Fine Ever!
    We all are aware of the recent Facebook, Google and other multinational company related news where these companies are under fire for invading one's privacy and spying on individuals in order to retrieve data related to them which is used to do multiple tasks ranging from tailoring the advertisements related to the user to using this information to provide them with content of their liking. This, while a boon for some, brought concern to many other people who felt that these companies knew too much about their daily lives. Hence, Facebook, Google and many other company representatives were asked to state their stand on this topic in front of the American senate as well as answer all (while some illogical) but necessary questions to put the mass user base at ease. Recently, US regulators have met to discuss imposing a record-setting fine against Facebook for violating a legally binding agreement with the government to protect the privacy of its users' personal data, according to three people familiar with the deliberations but not authorized to speak on the record. Google, in the year 2012, was fine a whopping total of $22.5 million as fine for breaking the above mentioned agreement. But, Facebook is said to be in a much deeper trouble with estimates of the fine going way above it's Google counter part. In today's world of mass media and internet, how much of your private data is safe to be out in the open? Is this the decline of Facebook? There are many questions that need answering. But, one thing is constant. Facebook needs to reconsider it's privacy policies and provide the users with a safe and seamless interface in order to win everyone's heart back. With safe yet interesting services like Snapchat and Instagram are taking over the popularity of Facebook, which was once the undoubted world's biggest social networking service provided for absolutely free. Only time will tell how these events turn out. We would love to know if you feel that Facebook is in the wrong here (knowing their past) and if the fine is justified. How many of you even use Facebook nowadays on a day to day basis? Let us know in the replies down below!

    Overwatch Hack By js1337
    Overwatch notorious for its Warden Anti-Cheat has presented a challenge when creating custom hacks for it but this release from js1337 has "Fully Obfuscated code using a compilation of methods and sources" and is a "Fully Compiled Program using the Real Spotify's compiling info"It features a custom Aimbot (Fov,Speed,XY), BunnyHop and insta-180. This Hack is sure to have you out preform and out rank anyone in your way to Top 500.


    Epic's TOP SECRET Fortnite Tournament
    Alright, so back with Epic's news. The gaming giant has apparently announced their 2019 Fortnite Tournament where teams of professionals will be invited by Epic as well as other competitive streamers. This time players are competing for a $500,000 total prize which will be handed out to the winners pool. What makes this thing particularly spicy is that the location where the event will take place is in a "undisclosed testing facility". Woah! And to throw even more gasoline into the fire, the company has told that they'll "explore additional ... operations ... during the two days of competition", and basically nobody knows what this means. But as I've mentioned in my previous article, this year will be plentiful for us gaming geeks.

    Skyrim COOP airing soon
    Skyrim used to be a huge hit several years ago for it's story and originality. As every game needs some changes once in a while to keep it's relevant status, Bethesda came up with a project for it's game. They want to introduce a new mod called Skyrim Together in which you can cooperate with up to 7 teammates. The mod creators said that the closed beta will arrive soon and 1-2 weeks after that it will be finally released for public use. Also, they are pretty sure the mod is bug free at the moment and it can also work at the same time with most of the mods available via the Bethesda Creation Kit. The creator also made a 3-hour livestream showcase-ing their work and it looks like the spectators were very pleased with it. We're looking forward to see the open beta!

    AMD's new Radeon VII
    AMD has always favored efficiency over performance, but they are pulling out their high-end GPU, the Radeon VII. It is expected to be released in the middle of Q1 2019. AMD claim RTX 2080 is the card they are matching against. Some expert speculate that this card might be able to beat out Nvidia's RTX 2080, while having the same cost. ($699.99) This GPU is the first to use AMD's 7nm architecture, while Nvidia stays at 12nm. Although, compared to the RTX 2080, the Radeon VII does not feature ray tracing, which can be a deal-breaker for somebody. AMD has claimed they plan to support ray tracing in the future, and it will be even better then Nvidia's. Even though AMD has annouced Ryzen 3 will support PCIe 4.0, Radeon VII will not be able to utilize it. AMD plans to support upscaling similar to that of Nvidia's "deep learning super sampling" (DLSS). Put it in simple words, DLSS is video upscaling (super sampling) based on an algorithm.

    Fun fact: The VII in its name has two meanings: It's the second generation of Vega architure, Vega II. Also, it's the first 7nm GPU, hence Radeon 7

    China signals threat regarding Canadian ban on Huawei's 5G tech
    The minister of Public Safety of Canada states "This is an important decision for Canada and we will make it based on what is right for our country." Chinese Ambassador responds if Canadian government bans Huawei's 5G, there will be repercussions. This happened after Huawei CFO has been arrested in Canada at US request during December last year. As the countries are delpying 5G network, the US publically warned others regarding Chinese telecoms' equipment due to security reasons. As results of this, Australia and New Zealand has banned Huawei and Germany is discussing the matter. On Wednesday, the US has also banned the sale of chips to chinese telecoms. Most country at the moment are in fear of Chinese espionage through these networks. As part of the conflict, the University of Oxford stated they will no longer accept donation from Huawei. Huawei is the world's largest supplier of network equipment, with more than 100 billion in revenues. This conflict could start a new "Telecommunication Cold War".

    Netflix Price increase could kill subscriber growth
    Netflix announced its biggest price increase to date to kick off the new year this is following the release of the immensely popular Bird Box. Following shortly after this price increase Netflix's stock plunged 2.8% showing Netflix's attitude to spending on big projects and in turn taking on massive loans may be backfiring, as these figures came out Netflix went into damage control and started siting an increase in 8.8 million subscribers. It is very unclear whats lies in the future for the streaming giant with price increases seeming to be a regular occurring for the company which could lead to its downfall



    Interview - N3X4


    Hector: Hey N3X4 thanks for spending your time for this interview, can we start?

    N3X4: Yes.

    Hector: So how did you come to know about MPGH?

    N3X4: Good question, I came to MPGH in Search for CS:GO cheats because I am so bad at it

    Hector: Nice, but how did you end up selling cracked accounts?

    N3X4: I have seen MPGH Marketplace many times before even I register to search for cheap GTA v accounts, but after I spent some time around forum for cheats I discovered awesome marketplace and start selling

    Hector: How does your netflix accounts last long? Do you crack it with love?

    N3X4: Since my accounts are cracked, accounts can last forever, but that really not depends on me, its just a question when accounts will die by owner changing data or not careful use of customer because Netflix got very good security... Oh yeah, I crack it with love haha, sadly Netflix still improving security, its very hard to find API or way to crack it, also Proxy is so expensive, but yeah, I still enjoy when see hits

    Hector: That's cool man while cracking account do you take any prevention to keep things safe? Something that is mandatory for everyone who cracks account?

    N3X4: You mean like my safety or customer?

    Hector: yea both xD.

    N3X4: Well for mine, there are no many things since I live in a country where nothing can happen, but I still making sure I doing this safe, and for customer, I answer careful to all customer questions what they can and cant do with accounts, also for Netflix, I started providing guide because some people are not sure how they have to use cracked accounts.

    Hector: Ok apart from this what do you do in your free time?

    N3X4: I am very interested in Design and Photography, before started cracking I spent much time into developing websites but I have no more time for that.

    Hector: Oh great, what do you suggest to improve the user experience on MPGH?

    N3X4: I think most important for me as seller is IM, first optimization, after that features, because I have to delete my 6300 contacts in order I can use IM again, this action is not greatest for me... all other is fine.

    Hector: Thank you so much for an interview, shoutouts to any users out here on MPGH?

    N3X4: @SH0N3 and @t0b1 Good friends

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    Good job @Hector, nice interview , thank for shoutout @N3X4 <3
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    Remove that AMD card from technology and add RTX 2060 and everything is fine

    There is my "cool" interview Good job!

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    Wow! Nice interview @Hector . Btw good job for the news @Ahlwong

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    Thanks for shoutout @N3X4

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    Quote Originally Posted by N3X4 View Post
    Remove that AMD card from technology and add RTX 2060 and everything is fine

    There is my "cool" interview Good job!
    DW I'm doing that for the next edition :P

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    Last weeks interview and the week before that tho
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    Good job @Ahlwong!

    Great interview @Hector!

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    Facebook fucked up. Mark Zuckerburg is a lizard confirmed.

    Nice interviews btw @Ahmad @Hector
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    Well put together, thoughtful Article, good job everyone who did their best
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    Smile wall hack

    please send or release new wall hack on papaya play warrock pls pls pls!!!

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