Someone else who helped me a lot with ideas & I worked on some sort of Bot the past 2 days. It was pretty head breaking. :D

Since we are the very first ones working on a bot for it made in C# there is no base technique we could use.
There was once a Russian who made one. I contacted him and found out that it was made with pixel color detections.

I thought about using the same techniques as for Osu a very long time till we started.
In Short:
1) Getting the current song through memory reading.
2) Opening the right file based on the current song. (Where all the pieces of information from the map are written down)
3) Converting it trough Readline functions into a for us useful list.
4) Checking by a time offset when to click.
5) Hooking the keyboard.

What we had to fight with:
It isn't possible to get the current map/song trough memory reading since the game "Intralism" doesn't have a method like that.
The Game got made in Unity so I was able to find that out after I tried finding it with Cheat Engine. Sadly they have used a strong Obfuscation a few weeks afterward. And there is now way to compile it now. Else I would make my own one. Sure. You can use de4dot or other deobfuscators. But the game is unplayable afterwards.

Fine. I decided to use a combo box for it instead. So the user can select the current map himself.
The next one was easy due to the combo box I included.
Converting the config was pretty decent. I nearly raged at this point.

Using the Readline function & the split function wouldn't be enough. It didn't work.
So the one who worked with me had suddenly an awesome Idea using Regular Expressions.
It got that option to look for a pattern.

I know that this looks terrible. But it is the first version and I hadn't thought about cleaning the code before since the Bot isn't finished yet.

using System.Text.RegularExpressions;


        List<string> config = new List<string>();
        List<string> timepoints = new List<string>();
        string path = @"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\513510\1282  767793\config.txt";
        bool fertig = false;
        string s = "";


private void ConfigOpener()
            using (StreamReader sr = File.OpenText(path))
                while ((s = sr.ReadLine()) != null)
            fertig = true;


private void AddTimepoints()
            if (fertig == true)
                string pattern = @"{""time"":([0-9]*\.[0-9]*),""data"":\[""SpawnObj"",""\[([a-z-]*)]""]}";
                string input = "";

                foreach (string item3 in config)
                    input = input + item3;

                RegexOptions options = RegexOptions.Multiline | RegexOptions.IgnoreCase;

                foreach (Match m in Regex.Matches(input, pattern, options))

The next step was easy again. Since we added only the time & what to press to the list "timepoints" we could use the information from now on.
It would look like this imaginary:
the_list = [time_1, what_to_press_1, time_2, what_to_press_2, time_3, what_to_press_3, ...] and so on.
We could output it somehow else and make it look like this technically:

But I think it wouldn't make any differs.

Here comes the next small problem. There is no time offset. The game got no sort of timer for the songs like Osu does. So I tried doing it with some timer at first. But the tick rate isn't fast enough and isn't constantly enough for me. So I used "sleep" instead. Didn't worked out well.

So why did I created this thread?
This community is creative. And there are very skilled coders here. I can't reach that skill at this point and got less knowledge than them.

My Question is: "How would you solve this?"

I clearly got no ideas anymore at this point.
Thanks in advance! I would also credit the one whose method I will use.