I had created a post a few days ago. Already had 8 thanks before it was even approved. Then I log in and get a "Your thread was deleted" message. The reason I was given was "Outside connections" however nowhere in my bot or thread does it make any outside connections. You can run the bot completely offline and it will not matter.

The [Rules & Info] Minecraft Mods state, Advertisements, tutorial videos or outside links including with or within the tool is not permitted. - However, where within my bot does any of that void the terms? Even my post contained zero external links besides two screenshots and an virus scan.

Advertisements? - I do not even have my signature or name on the bot. Go ahead steal it.
tutorial videos - Pretty sure the bot would be over 290 KB if it contained an embedded video. If you consider tooltips a video tutorial you mental.
outside links - My post had no outside links besides the If your thread/post contains a file attachment, please provide at least 2 virus scans.

If anyone here thinks I'm bullshiting you PM me and I will send the source code. I try to be as respectful to the rules as possible.

When something comes up, I find it respectful to give people as much information on where they fucked up and how they need to correct them self's in the future. "outside connections" does not tell me anything. Is screenshots not allowed? How would you provide "screenshot" proof?

If there is some super fine .0005 fine print I'm missing please tell me. I have done everything accordingly in my eyes. Nobody is perfect but I genuinely do not know what I did wrong. Was the mod just having a bad day and though "Oh fuck this lucky guy he going to get it"..?