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    MPGH News - 231st Edition

    231st Edition - February 11th, 2019
    Snapple Fact: A sneeze travels out of your mouth at over 100 miles an hour.

    None this week

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    Man Who Inspired "Mission: Impossible" Could Have Killed Robert F Kennedy
    As we may all be well acquainted with the Mission Impossible movie series that is well loved by all and has some great cast like Tom Cruise. Little do we know that these movies were inspired by an ex FBI agent named Robert Maheu. As an ex-FBI agent, the CIA asked him to handle jobs it wanted to steer clear of, such as lining up prostitutes for a foreign president or hiring the mafia to kill Fidel Castro. For more than 15 years, Maheu and his Washington-based company were on monthly retainer to "The Agency," CIA records show. And during much of that time, Maheu was the right-hand man to Howard Hughes as Hughes bought up vast swaths of Las Vegas and helped finance CIA operations.
    A recently released book claims that Maheu was sent on another mission. To assassinate Senator Robert F Kennedy. Having access to the CIA's experiments in hypnosis and mind control, which were being conducted at the time in California and elsewhere. That would have enabled him to frame Sirhan Sirhan as a patsy for the slaying of Kennedy, while other gunmen actually fired the fatal shots, argues author Lisa Pease, who spent 25 years researching her book, "A Lie Too Big to Fail."
    On June 4, 1968, Robert Kennedy won the California Democratic primary for president. Shortly after midnight, on the morning of June 5, he gave a victory speech at the Ambassador Hotel. He then was shot in the adjacent pantry, as were five other people standing behind him, all of whom survived wounds inflicted from the front. But Kennedy's shots were from the back: One shot went through his jacket without hitting him, one went into his back and stopped below his neck, one went through his armpit and one went into his brain and fragmented. The neck bullet was recovered, as were bullets from two of the wounded victims. Kennedy survived for a day and died June 6, 1968, with his wife and children by his side. They had flown out from the family home in Virginia.
    After a thorough interrogation, it was noted that the number of shots fired from a pistol were way less that the holes created near the scene. It is still up to debate as to who was really responsible for the mishap. But Lisa Pease does shed a new light on the whole case by supporting herself with years of hard fact evidence. Attached below in source is the link to the full article for those who wish to dive deeper into this unsolved mystery.

    World Health Organization recommends to reschedule Cannabis in International Law
    The WHO has recently suggested that Cannabis should be rescheduled in how Law is dealing with it. This follows the ever growing evidence showing how Cannabis proves helpful in treating all kinds of health related issues.
    A sudden change compared to the position the WHO has had for the last 60years which was that Cannabis should not be used in medicine at all.
    The Expert Committee recommends to downgrade all Cannabis products from schedule IV (as it currently is which is at the same stage as heroin) to a schedule I drug.
    Scienstis would have it a lot easier to work with the drug in studies and to search for potential areas where it could prove helpful.
    Dont get your hopes up too much as this is in no way legally binding for any country and its just a recommendation for countries to follow.


    World of Tanks Hacks & Cheats
    A game we haven't seen on hack of the week recently is World of Tanks. It is a fairly old game, almost 10 years old, but still great fun to play once in a while. If you do decide to hop on and play, this week's featured cheat may come in handy. A recently submitted cheat created by ZorroJan has tonnes of hacks you can use, such as aimbot, reload marker, target direction, contour look and hit marker. Installing this hack can be done within a couple minutes. Please keep in mind that even though this is an old game, there are still consequences to hacking, such as a ban. Be careful when using hacks and always check the thread for updates. As a

    What a surprise. I gotta say when I first saw this one I went, "Yeah this is the one". I don't know but I love me some old fashioned 17th Century mood. That is also why I loved AC Black Flag and AC3. In this new title from Amazon Game Studios, New World, you see yourself dragged in a newly unexplored territory, fighting and crafting your way up on the ladder of invasion, also, killing lots of "native" zombies, which in this case the island you're located in has "infected". It's basically a PvP where you team up with others, form your own clan and go ballistic on others, heck even on your friends. The intriguing part is the reviews that it's receiving as portraying the European invasion of the west world, slaughtering native people because they were "less superior". To me though, it's kind of an exaggeration, but even if it wasn't, it's still portraying history, and it's a good thing nonetheless. The game itself seems fun, and might be a success once it's released. For now it's not yet clear if it's going to be a Free to Play game or a standard purchase.

    New surveillance drone for high-end homes
    A house, high up in the hills of San Carlos, California may seem like a normal house. It is actually the home of Sunflower Labs CEO, alex Pachikov. He is using his own house to test the Sunflower system, which uses motion and virbration sensors along with a drone to monitor acivities all around his house. It may seem overkill for drones to be used in home protection, but statistic shows 99% of all home security calls are false alarms. Drones has started to become more popular as time goes. Farmers use them to monitor crops, directors use them to capture footage, police use drones for criminal investigations.

    There are lights called "sunflowers" along the sides of your property, and these lights are equiped with motion and vibration detectors. The "sunflowers" send constant signals to a computer in the base station, called the "hive". The computer then processes the signal and analyze what it is. if the object turned out to be a human, the base station would send a notification to your phone, which will let you deplay a drone, called the "bee". The drone flies to the desginated spot and live stream the video to your phone. There isn't any connection between Sunflower and the police, but a data package can be compiled if needed.

    The Great Chinese Takeover
    Tencent the company you best know for buying up large steaks in Activision Blizzard and Riot Games among many more company's it has now managed to sink its claws into Reddit bringing up concerns of censorship in the future if we where to learn anything from from there previous game company take-overs it would be quite troubling seeing them latch onto Reddit like the parasites they are. The massive irony in all of this is that Reddit is banned in china and now a Chinese company are buying steaks in Reddit. We can only assume bad things are on the horizon.

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