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    Important Information

    The discussion of private/outside hacks is strictly forbidden. Unless the hack is released publicly at MPGH, it is not to be discussed. If you're caught discussing private/outside hacks you will be banned. There are no exceptions with this and will be enforced.

    Posts/Threads will also need to be approved before being visible

    You may have noticed a fluctuation of creatures/user's posting about [Selling Hacks, Currency Generators, Outside Download Links, ETC]. All of these things are not allowed on MPGH, Any user's caught even attempting to do these things will be Banned off MPGH.

    If you do see these posts please report them to staff members or use the report system. To report a post click the Hazard Sign at the bottom left of a user's post, Then fill out the textbox with the reason why you're reporting that specific post. Thank you

    - MPGH Staff
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