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    Modified Assembly Feature Ideas

    What are some features you'd like to see in the modified assemblies I create? Reply below and you might see them in future releases!

    Here are some of my ideas. Some of these are not currently possible, at least for my skill level, but don't be afraid to pick your favorites or add some ideas of your own! Please don't mention EAC bypass or admin privileges as I will not be sharing these.


    •	Xray: See through blocks; only render blocks that are designated.
    •	Bounding boxes/block highlighting: Much like xray but draw an ESP around the designated blocks instead.
    •	Nuker: Automatically destroy/interact/attack a selected block within a radius.
    •	Increase max stack size.
    •	Always a step: Make all blocks behave like stairs and disabled the need for jumping.
    •	Add a trader area: Manually add a protected area like a trader’s zone.
    •	Selectively load server xmls: This would allow the client to use their own XML configuration files instead of the ones sent by a server upon join.
    •	Super growth rate for plants.
    •	Don't trigger traps (+ no damage from barb wire)
            o	Motion sensors don't trigger negatively.
            o	Trip wires do not trigger negatively.
    •	Always day: Appears to be always daytime to the client.
    •	Invisibility: Grant the client invisibility to others.
    •	Vehicles have unlimited fuel, battery, take no durability loss, ect.
    •	Remove welcome message when joining a new server world.
    •	Disable gunshot noise from being played and alerting players/zombies nearby.
    •	Be able to change name/ID on servers.
    •	No vending machine cost/unlimited rent time
    •	Apply extreme damage only to heads: An addon for the extreme damage mod that will only apply extreme damage when hitting the head of a zombie/player/animal.
    •	Owner of all land claims.
    •	No map fog on the navegane world (revealed map).
    •	Selective godmode (only take damage from mobs, or players, ect).
    •	Automatically drink/eat when needed: Primarily for AFK purposes.
    •	Walk on water.
    •	See invisible admin players.
    •	Cavefinder: Like xray but displays cave systems. Much like when flying underground with no-collision turn on in native 7DTD.
    •	Increase gun range/accuracy.
    •	Decrease gun spread.
    •	Instant bow/crossbow drawing/reloading.
    •	Allow access to chests whilst in use by other players.
    •	No slowdown from barb wire and company.
    •	Aimbot/aim assist.
    •	Triggerbot: Automatically fire/hit when a selected object is under the cursor.
    •	Fast ladder: Super climbing speed on ladders.
    •	Freecam: Allows the client to move around at look at things without moving the player model.
    •	Fullbright: Never dark. Always appears like there is a high brightness level.
    •	Spider: Allow climbing walls/objects like there was a ladder there.
    •	Timer: Increase the entire game’s time/speed.
    •	Trajectories for bows and such: View the path a missile will take after being fired.
    •	Set rank / max required rank for skills.
    •	Increase the amount harvested from resources.
    •	Friendly to hostiles/all factions: Hostile creatures view you as neutral/friendly and will not attack.
    •	Increased flashlight brightness / size.
    •	Spawn menu for clients.
    •	ESP for players and mobs.
    •	Instant movement on spawn (no blur and animation).
    •	Disable debuffs from being applied to the player.
    •	Faster attack/fire speed.
    •	Multihit / delete nearby entities: Automatically attack nearby creatures.
    •	Increase movement speed.
    •	Unlimited looting times (containers are never looted).
    •	Increased loot abundance.
    •	Unlimited stamina.
    •	No fuel consumption / doesn't need fuel / has all molds/tools for forges/campfires.
    •	Open campfire/forge/all crafting benches anywhere.
    •	“Backpack” mod: Adds a virtual chest that the player can access anywhere.
    •	No block consumption upon placement.
    •	Instant respawn (no death screen).
    •	No creative menu / inventory opening sounds: Awkward if you’re trying to sneak by another player and they hear your zipper noise.
    •	Always have headlamp/flashlight/nightvision equipped.
    •	Set the ping that the other players think you have.
    •	Temperature is always 70: Essentially disabling hot/cold effects.
    •	Always full and hydrated / no food or water loss.
    •	Have all skills / unlimited points.
    •	Don't emit smells: Is this even relevant anymore?
    •	Kill all players / specific player from anywhere.
    •	Add velocity to a player/entity from anywhere.
    •	Autoloot nearby containers. 
    •	Send console commands as someone else (such as an admin).
    •	Show all quests / generate quests.
    •	Sleeper zombies don't wake up.
    •	Allow use of all tools/weapons underwater.
    •	Set player kills/stats on server.
    •	Learn all recipes: Is this a thing anymore?
    •	Auto-toss junk.
    •	Machines always have power / don't use power.
    •	Selective noclip: Only have no collision on for certain blocks or movement directions.
    •	No cam shake: When firing, falling, etc.
    •	Safe walk: Never walk off roofs/high heights accidently.
    •	Allow use of any owned bed.
    •	Disable slower walking when on slopes.
    •	Schematica mod: See semi-transparent prefabs for building purposes. Automatically build prefabs in survival.
    •	No item degradation.
    •	Radiation immunity.

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    I'm agents the increase inventory space. Admin can see what you have and how much, and know you're "hacking".

    I'd be for making the ignore land claim toggle-able so you can know if something is land claimed or not.

    Some kind of X-ray to see inside a base would be cool. To be able to see what others are doing.

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    I agree with jim, Maybe even toggleable infinite (or increased) inventory space, I'd really like to see that.

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