I, TingelWingel was banned for attempted scamming upon @daylight

I know it it's nearly impossible for you to ever ponder the idea that what I did was a joke. But I did not try to scam him. I just didn't want the coins. I was bored and I wasn't thinking correctly. I was just being stupid and I made a stupid joke to string him along. I never intended to buy his coins after a time and I never responded to his messages because I didn't want to receive anything from him either. I am a dumbass and a fool for what I did and I deserve punishment for it. I am not a bad guy I gave to the community. I had a store being setup, a brand being flourished and I was doing giveaways left and right. I wasn't a one-and-done scammer trying to get something for nothing. I put time and effort into my avatar which I made myself, and my vouches for chewy refunds. Even when I was banned I still had the courtesy to finish out m refunds through ban evading as @Gangrich. I didn't even more giveaways on that account and If you view my messages and vouches I almost had a store going there as I provided a staff vouch of a refund service and also a refund from chewy to a member. I also did 3+ SE's of fitbits to members through IM for free. I'm not saying what I did deserves no punishment and if a ban is what that punishment I will take it with dignity and never return to MPGH under any name. But I have to at least let you know how truly sorry I am to Daylight(keylogen) and to the staff of MPGH for causing trouble over my own childish actions. I thank you all for your time reading this.

To Daylight. I will legitimately pay your 8 dollars through PayPal with no need for any service to recompense your time and trouble.