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    MPGH News - 236th Edition

    236th Edition - March 19th, 2019
    Snapple Fact: A tune that gets stuck in your head is called an earworm.

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    New Zealand Mosque Shooting
    Fifty people have been killed and another 50 wounded in shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in the deadliest attack in the country's history.
    New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called it one of New Zealand's "darkest days".
    Here's what we know so far about how the attacks unfolded.
    The first shooting took place at the Al Noor mosque, in central Christchurch, on Friday.
    A gunman using the name Brenton Tarrant live-streamed footage of his rampage to Facebook, filmed with a head-mounted camera.
    Footage showed the man, armed with semi-automatic weapons, firing indiscriminately at men, women and children from close range inside the mosque.
    The attacker's headcam footage begins in an industrial estate on Leslie Hills Drive, just west of Al Noor mosque.
    It shows him driving south on to Mandeville Street and Blenheim Road towards the city centre before turning north up Deans Avenue.
    He reaches the mosque a few minutes later, pulling the car into an alleyway at the side of the building and turning the car around to park facing Deans Avenue.
    The suspect then gets out, selects a weapon from the boot of the car and walks to the building, where he begins his deadly attack on worshipers inside.
    This was approximately 13:40 local time (00:40 GMT).
    Six minutes later, he drives along Deans Avenue, around the Botanic Gardens to Bealey Avenue, where his headcam footage cuts out.
    The second attack then took place a little later, five kilometres away at Linwood Mosque, east of the city centre.
    How do you guys feel? Who can be so inhuman to do such a thing?

    MisterY WWII Zombie Trainer 1.1.2
    MisterY a popular contributor to the call of duty section releasing trainers for he Black ops series and WWII. This WWII trainer is fully fleshed out with health hacks, Ammo hacks and teleport with other features as well so if your like me and bored to death by zombies this might be a nice trainer to spice things up with and go for hard Easter eggs or challenges that you may have not been able to acquire or complete and if you liked it be sure to head to Blacks op 3 and try out his BO3 trainer aswell

    Ray Tracing on AMD Radeon?!
    Many associate Ray Tracing technologies with Nvidia GPUs but that's no longer the case. The developers of Crysis and Far Cry, Crytek, has developed an alternative using their exclusive Cryengine. The demo was done on an AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 with v5 of Cryengine.
    What exactly is Ray Tracing? It is the simulation that emulates computer graphics to closely resemble real life light reflection, rendering millions of light sources as they move. The effect itself might not be noticable but combined with other rendering tech offers extremely immersive graphics.
    Crytek claimed the Ray Tracing feature was done using both API and hardware agnostic that allows it to run on most both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. However, the integration support will only be optimized for Vulkan and DX12.
    Many AAA titles has already implemented RTX such as Metro Exodus and Battlefield V. However, with both games' RTX only available to Nvidia GPUs, will this new technology change the consumer's decision? This, we will not know until GDC next week. It will definitely be talked about and more detailed during the conference.


    QB Fitzpatrick agrees to Dolphins deal
    QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB, reportedly just signed a two-year contract with the Miami Dolphins. It was reported that the $11 million contract signed contained other sections that could make the deal worth upwards of 20 million. Fitzpatrick is expected to become the 1st string QB for the Dolphins, seeing as how Ryan Tannehill was traded to the Tennessee Titans on Friday. The second string and third string QBs, Jake Rudock and Luke Falk are expected to stay on the bench as neither have ever started a game in the NFL. Fitzpatrick's current biggest issue is performing well consistently, but he is expected to thrive under the Dolphins and act as the stepping stone between Tannehill and a future star QB for the Dolphins.

    Tumblr is Standing Behind its Porn Ban
    Tumblr had stood behind its ban on adult content stating that "We made a strategic decision for the business that better positions it for long-term growth among more types of users," This comes after a fifth of its userbase has evaporated and is still declining including a massive decline is daily users/growth going from 550Million visitors to 360Million. The recent statements come in response to a petition signed by 600,000 people to reverse the ban on adult content.

    iPhone Shield
    An Australian manís life has been saved Ė by his mobile phone. Incredibly, his phone stopped an arrow from hitting him as he came under attack in rural New South Wales. The 43-year-old was left with a small cut on his chin following the bizarre incident, but pictures released by the police show it could have been much. much worse. The incident began when the attacker, carrying a bow and arrow, confronted the man outside his house. The victim then raised his phone to photograph the potential attack, when his assailant fired the arrow. Instead of being a camera, the phone suddenly became a unlikely shield, helping to protect the victim from potentially serious injury. He suffered a small cut but was otherwise unhurt. The two men were known to each other, said officers. The 39-year-old man who fired the arrow has been charged with assault and property damage offences, and will appear in court next month.

    Interview - gold_smith

    Hectard: hey gold smith can we start the interview??

    gold_smith: Sure.

    Hectard: So how did you join MPGH?

    gold_smith: My friend referred me.

    gold_smith: Elon Reeve.

    Hectard: Oh nice.

    Hectard: What was your purpose in first place?

    gold_smith: I was here to sell Uber referrals.

    Hectard: Cool so how is the service going?

    gold_smith: Everything is best, i got a very good platform to advertise my services, MPGH helped me to gain a lot of valued of customers

    Hectard: Yea if you have a great service you get good customers

    gold_smith: Yes

    Hectard: Does your service even include refunds?

    gold_smith: No i don't do refunds, nor do i prefer refunds since it harms small stores

    Hectard: Wow I really appreciate your social awareness


    Hectard: So do you really work in a gold mine?

    gold_smith: Nope it was just a username, the best i could think of

    Hectard: Haha nice far better than other names

    gold_smith: Yes

    Hectard: As a seller do you have any plans to use MPGH ads in any future?

    gold_smith: i have already used MPGH advert a couple of months ago, which got me a great response, and a day before yesterday i have placed another ad which will be live by the end of this month

    Hectard: Oh great.

    Hectard: Do you have any suggestions for MPGH?

    gold_smith: Everything is already best at MPGH, all i can suggest of is to make MPGH chat better and servers faster.

    Hectard: I believe those will upgraded soon.

    Hectard: So what do you do in your real life?

    gold_smith: I am a college student pursuing a law degree and also a part time back-end web developer.

    Hectard: Haha cool.

    Hectard: So, what do you think about the recent attack in New Zealand, As a law student what is your opinion?

    gold_smith: First of all i condemn the attack in New Zealand. and being a law student of course the attacker must be bought to justice, also we should give some efforts (especially media should) to know the feeling of this growing hatred among peoples, especially when it comes to races, and action must be taken on the same.

    Hectard: True bruh.

    Hectard: Shout out to anyone?

    gold_smith: Of course "Elon Reeve" who gave me the key to join this great world to deal with

    Hectard: Thanks for an interview and all the best for your law degree.

    gold_smith: Thank You

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    why are noobs being interviewed????????????

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    @Ahlwong and other news fo members thanks for making this as usual

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    Great job guys.

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    the shooting is a disgusting waste of human life.

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    wow very cool.

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