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    MPGH News - 237th Edition

    237th Edition - March 26th, 2019
    Snapple Fact: A bee has five eyelids.

    None this week

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    The date of Brexit is coming
    The most important questions and answers for this Brexit chaos:

    What has happened in the last days?
    There has been lots of different things going on in London the last few days, for one the massive demonstrations which demands a second referendum of Britain leaving the EU which has succeeded by a tiny amount in 2016.
    Meanwhile there has been an internet petition against the Brexit which has gained over 5 Million supporters in just a few days.
    Theresa May has just rescheduled the date of the Brexit away from the 29th March. In a letter she urged the representatives to approve of the Deal.
    British Media is speculating that the members of the cabinet are trying to overthrow May in order to stop the Brexit process.

    Why all the stressing about this right now?
    Even though the other 27 EU members have accepted to the rescheduling of the Brexit date there still needs to be a solution presented before April 12th or else Britain leaves the EU without any deal at all.
    The delegates in the house of commons have rejected deals twice already so it is likely that they wont accept the next one aswell.

    What would overthrowing May mean for Brexit?
    This depends on who follows her, if it is a conservative who is EU friendly then there is a chance of achieving a deal before leaving the EU.
    If she is being followed by some rigid Brexit advocate then the chance of a hard Brexit (leaving without a deal at all) is very high.

    What can the EU do right now?
    The EU cant do anything right now other than wait for Britain.
    In an EU summit this week the consensus was that the Brexit deal wont be renegotiated from the EU side.
    There are still all options possible right now, a leave, a long postponement or even a complete withdrawal of Britain

    CounterStrike: Global Offensive Hacks
    At MPGH we're all crazy about CounterStrike: Global Offensive Hacks. Its one of the most popular sections of MPGH! It's only right we a hack from CounterStrike: Global Offensive hack's section this week. This week's hack of the week is Skush, an MPGH exclusive! It has all the features a hack should have and more! It has aimbots, to visual aids, to skin changers and much more. Check out the thread for the full list. Never be fooled by the temptation of hacking. There is always consequence for cheating, so don't over use it and always check the CounterStrike: Global Offensive section for updates/news. As always happy hacking.

    New device by Oculus
    After weeks of backorder for the Oculus Rift, many thought a new device was coming out and they were right. A few days ago, Oculus by Facebook announced their new high-end VR headset, the Oculus S. Different from the Oculus Rift, the Oculus S does not require sensors placed around the place space to operate. Instead, it has built in sensors that scans the environment to create a 6DOF environment. Even though it has built in sensors, it still requires a PC powerful enough to run VR games. The Oculus S has an resolution of 1280x1440 per eye. Not only that, it will have the low cost of $399 and will be coming out this spring. The down side is that the headset will only have one screen instead of two per eye on the Rift, and the headset will only support up to 80 Hz compared to the 90 Hz on the Rift but most user claimed they did not see the difference.

    For those who does not have a powerful PC, you can look towards the Oculus Quest. You can think about the Oculus Quest like an upgrade from the Oculus Go, just like how Oculus S is an upgrade from the Rift. The Quest has two controllers and supports "factory scale" gaming.

    Logic - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
    Logic has dropped his second single from his alleged upcoming album. The single "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" dives into depression caused by hateful comments made online, and also dives into the meaning behind living our own lives. Logic tells us to not let these people online upset us. The past vibe we've heard from Logic is a trap-rap sound he's been developing, but this song is a bit different. Logic revisits his roots on "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind". The beat is calm and flowy, the lyrics tell the story of how being rich and famous can still be difficult and he talks about the importance of self love. There seems to be an allusion to rappers who have died recently from overdoses and an allusion to rappers like Earl Sweatshirt who tend to keep to themselves and not make every move they make obvious to the public.
    You can listen to this song here

    Disney closes €62.5bn deal for Fox assets
    Disney starts slowly dangles the hammer over Netflix and big stream services with its acquisition of Fox Assets this comes on the heels of Disney discontinuing all marvel shows on Netflix this is just yet another blow to them and a reminder of the possible impending doom. With this takeover of assets Disney has access to Avatar, X-Men and the Simpsons all im sure to be added to the increasing Disney lineup, Disney has a whole horde of company and sub-company's under them and you must wonder at this point are they too big to fail?. Since they just have have their hands in every sort of media from YouTube to News Media

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahlwong View Post
    Snapple Fact: A bee has five eyelids.
    just like this thicc dicc
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