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    MPGH News - 238th Edition

    238th Edition - April 4th, 2019
    Snapple Fact: Blueberries are one of the only natural foods that are truly blue in color.


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    As much as you would like to think of this as an April Fools' story, it's not. Amid all the lame pranks, Google has placed a cool Easter egg on its Maps app. You can now play a version of the classic Snake game on the mobile app and desktop.

    On your mobile app, to play Snake, simply tap on the menu on the top left, and when you look down a bit you will see a new option on the menu called 'Play Snake' (if you are seeing this for the first time, there will likely be a red dot in front of it to catch your attention). Cliché, but if the option doesn't show up for you, try closing and re-launching the app.

    Once you're inside the Easter egg, you can select between different cities you'd like to play on, including Cairo, London, San Francisco, São Paulo, Sydney, and Tokyo. Now just swipe to move your train or bus around the map to pick up passengers and landmarks.

    Google says that the feature is being released to both iOS and Android users over-the-air.

    Also, the game will remain on the Maps app for the rest of this week. And for users who easily get hooked to Snake, you can also play it on the standalone website for the game on your desktop.

    You can now go and play this game at the link in sources.
    Try beating my score - 169 (Proof in sources)

    Guy sentenced to 20 years of prison for causing fatal swatting
    On Friday a California man was sentenced to 20 years of prison for causing multiple fake emergency calls across the US. One of those led to one Kansas man being shot and dying because of that. The fatal shooting was due to a lost bet for 1.50$ in COD:WW2. Barris has been hired by an Ohio gamer to swat his enemy to which he lost against in the game. The address they had was outdated and wasn't of the person they thought. A fatal mistake which lead to Police officers visiting the home of someone completely unrelated and shooting this person as he answers the door leading him to die at the scene.
    Tyler Barris has been convicted of 51 cases of fake calls to emergency services. This conviction is the longest sentence for a crime like this.
    The case has been in new legal territory as the federal law has not yet caught up.

    Swatting refers to a person anonymously calling emergency services. In the call the swatter, the person calling, claims that there is a hostage situation or calling in a bomb threat so that police/swat teams will rush to the victims house.

    KZW'S External Menu V1.5
    kevzuidwest has put a breath of fresh air into our GTA V section released his External Menu for use with a hole host of Player, Vehicle, Weapon and Teleport hacks to allow you to rein havok, It is a simple menu but packs a punch and is sure to help you where needed when playing we hope to see more updates and releases in the future

    Amazon to stop selling facial recognition tech to police
    An estimate of 25 famous AI researchers at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc has signed a petition telling Amazon to stopp selling its facial-recognition technology to the local law enforcement unit becuase it's supposedly "biased against women and people of color". The petition was released on Wednesday shows the concern in the industry that bias in the technology is a systemic problem. Some expert even suggest the technology cannot be controlled without governemtn regulation.

    The technology mentioned above is "Rekognition", a product in it's cloud computing division AWS. Customers such as the Orlando Police Dept, Oregon Police Dept, along with many other law enforcements. Many researchers that had tested the Rekognition had trouble identifying the gender of female and darker skinned faces in pictures than AI recognition technologys of IBM and Microsoft. One AI researcher said, "There are no laws or required standards to ensure that Rekognition is used in a manner that does not infringe on civil liberties. We call on Amazon to stop selling it to law enforcements."

    On the contrary, Microsoft backed a bill that would require notices to be posted in pulic places that will be using facial-recognition technologies two months ago. Amazon also supported the regultion, and want the law enforcements to "be transparent in how they use the tech.". However, Amazon declined to disclose how law enforcements are using the technology or if they have any regulation regarding it.

    Facebook To Pick Quality News for Users
    Facebook is deciding to take things into their own hands and hire editors to pick the best quality news for its users, all this is now following the from criticism from both governments and news media that they continue and haven't tried to tie up the flood of fake news relating to political candidates, vaccines and other conspiracy Theory's. This has now prompted Facebook to filter they news and in replace input "high quality" and "sourced stories"

    Werewolf Murder Trial Reaches No Verdict
    A New Jersey has landed in court for the murder of 65 year old Bradford Jackson. Bradford's neck was broken and his body stabbed more 50 times. 34 year old Pankaj Bhasin believed Bradford to be a werewolf confirming doubts of his mental capacity. For days the jury has been in a deadlock finally ending with the judge declaring a mistrial due to Pankaj's insanity, with the man having been checked out of a mental hospitals just days before the murder took place.

    Making America Grate Again
    Along the border between the US of A and Mexico lies 200 blocks of ripened cotija cheese. The Canadian artist, Cosimo Cavallaro, is hoping to build a 1000 foot long, 6 foot high, cheese wall to parody Trumps excellent plans to construct his own wall against the Mexican uprising. The wall would hopefully Make America Grate Again and if you want to help there is a fundraiser to help fund development costs, with each block costing $100 USD, you can also buy cheese related merchandise to reach the $300,000 goal.

    Interview - SH0N3


    Hectard: Hey SH0N3, can we start the interview?

    SH0N3: Hello Hector, yes!

    Hectard: So, is this your first time for an interview?

    SH0N3: Yes, and I'm excited about it.

    Hectard: Awesome man, when and how did you join MPGH?

    SH0N3: It was about one year ago, me and N3X4 really good friends, he is also seller here, and he told me about this site, and somehow I end up here haha.

    Hectard: Nice N3X4 is a good guy and my friend too.

    Hectard: So you guys know each other in real life?

    SH0N3: Yeah, we know each other for about three years, he is an excellent friend, and he is the guy who helped me a lot to learn MPGH.

    Hectard: Oh cool, so do you have your own service in MPGH?

    SH0N3: Yep, I started my service about one year ago when i joined MPGH it is like a mini-shop for accounts such as Netflix, Spotify, VPN's and other. Shop doesn't have a lot of products, but I beat up by vouches a lot of people who are working here for years haha.

    Hectard: LMAO.


    Hectard: Who do you think they deserve TM?

    SH0N3: TM? Hmm.

    Hectard: Yup.

    SH0N3: Joe.

    Hectard: Cool can we play a simple game?

    SH0N3: Sure haha.

    Hectard: So I give you a hint of the User, you have to name them.

    SH0N3: Alright, lets try it.

    Hectard: Flower - Koreanboo - Netflix - Fuck - Down to eat a Dog.

    Hectard: These are 5 different popular mpgh users.

    SH0N3: I would say @Lily LOL.

    Hectard: Flower - Lily and the rest ?

    SH0N3: Korean boo - Respect maybe hmm.

    SH0N3: Fuck – Joe.

    SH0N3: Down to eat a dog – @JaAleksa.

    SH0N3: Netflix - N3X4 this guy is watching Netflix whole day.

    Hectard: yea 3/5 is correct Korean boo - @Killian and Down to eat a dog – @Dave84311.

    SH0N3: hahahahhah.

    Hectard: Which section has majority of your posts?

    SH0N3: Honestly whole of my posts are about the giveaways and that, you can see a lot of mine threads gifting Spotify, Crunchyroll, Hulu and other accounts. Also, sometimes I end up in General but its rare.

    Hectard: So you don't shit post? bro its 2019.

    SH0N3: Sometimes i do hahah.

    Hectard: ah ha gotcha *EXPOSED SH0N3*

    SH0N3: Ye, ye you got me bro.

    Hectard: Any suggestions to improve MPGH?

    SH0N3: The main thing I would like to see improved is an IM chat sometimes it is really buggy and can be frustrating a lot. Also, would be nice if we can get a "sound" notification when someone sends us a friend request I think that would help sellers a lot since we will get notified when someone wants to buy anything.

    Hectard: Sounds good, hope Dave implement it.

    Hectard: Shout out to anyone?

    SH0N3: I would like to give shout out to @N3X4 @JaAleksa those two guys are the main people who bring me there to MPGH. MPGH is a really good thing, we can say that it changed my life by a little. Also I would like to bring shout out to a @Joe.

    Hectard: It was a pleasure to interview you buddy, stay healthy and have a nice day

    SH0N3: I meet a lot of good friends there.

    Hectard: Oh nice, same pinch.

    SH0N3: You too Hector, thank you for choosing me for a interview! Cheers!

    Hectard: <3

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    This is great news. We will make MPGH news great again.
    Oh wow look at my comment!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahlwong View Post
    Along the border between the US of A and Mexico lies 200 blocks of ripened cotija cheese. The Canadian artist, Cosimo Cavallaro, is hoping to build a 1000 foot long, 6 foot high, cheese wall to parody Trumps excellent plans to construct his own wall against the Mexican uprising. The wall would hopefully Make America Grate Again and if you want to help there is a fundraiser to help fund development costs, with each block costing $100 USD, you can also buy cheese related merchandise to reach the $300,000 goal.
    yeah nice lets spend 300k $ on fucking cheese to prove a point which trump wont notice anyway

    guess you couldve used that money better but who am i to judge

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    you're the prime of the primes
    if shitposting was transformers you'd be optimus prime and eternity would be bumblebee
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    acoustic retarded cum slut
    = niggo
    Quote Originally Posted by FlavderKrasse View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Hectard View Post
    Am I a racist if i say Nico niggo neee
    Quote Originally Posted by Snolfy44 View Post
    how works it??
    Quote Originally Posted by Demon770 View Post
    How to hack
    Quote Originally Posted by ImThrowingMyLifeAway View Post
    niggo ugly lol
    Quote Originally Posted by Dot View Post
    I cannot wait to see you replying with another stupid reply
    Quote Originally Posted by Bowie View Post
    Stop shitposting for god sakes
    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon View Post
    You're literally dumb.
    Quote Originally Posted by 71c View Post
    You're literally dumb.
    Quote Originally Posted by 71c View Post
    Stop shitposting for god sakes, You're literally dumb.

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    Well done everyone! :P
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    Wink Under consideration

    I'll consider this if the site "suits my needs" hehe

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