hello, am looking for some service ..

am playing game which usind HWID system with dll to let game open 2x client only on the pc
i want to open more ..need some one to crack or hook the dll ...

info :
Hwid is a HardwareID should, hence the name, identify a computer reliably.
Therefore it should not be modifiable on purpose at all.
Several values apply for this: Harddisk Serial Number, Network Interface MAC, Processor Serial Number, ...

If you want to identify a computer for licensing stuff, you want the HWID to be as precise as possible,
making it "volatile" to actual hardware changes (like new Disk or new Processor). In case of access restriction,
you want a tough HWID that identifies the machine forever.

Most HWID-Systems calculate a final-id by merging multiple of the values above into one using a secret formular.
The security of a hardware-id depends on the secret of this algorithm. If you happen to figure out the algorithm or
parts of its ingredients, the whole HWID can be considered "broken".

For bypassing a HWID-System of the dll file , you'll need some knowledge in C/C++,
Assembly and your Operating System(my operating system is Win 7 64 bit ).
You'll need to figure out which "ingredients" are used to identify your machine.
some hwid use just the Harddisk Serial Number. i made it before in some servers
but can't do it this time..

any one interesting? pm me ^^ ...