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    Some suggestions to make the experience of using IM better..

    - Ability to open the IM in a new tab, because it feels silly that I have to reconnect every time I navigate between forums.
    - Ability to add members/ view their profiles by clicking on their names through the chat window, besides the side bar.
    - Make the side bar color darker, because it's hard to notice.
    - Ability to make your own groups to sort members; Friends, Customers etc.. etc..
    - Ability to change the emojis shortcuts would be cool if possible. I also set the ";]" Emoji to "-.-" and now I can never use the original "-.-".
    - Size of Lobby sidebar should be smaller, it takes a large part of the screen; there is a lot of white space that can be removed and get rid off and make some stuff smaller, and it will also make it look more neat, space between names could be reduced.
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    @ @Ninja

    A lot of these suggestions have already been made but it would be very helpful for Dave if you posted your suggestions on this thread.

    Thank you!

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