My account @SuperT0xic was banned permanently for "advertising via profile" and I would like to know how that happened. The only ads I had were for my MPGH services in my signature which is allowed. I would like to be unbanned and if I did something wrong I can easily correct it by removing my signature/whatever else off my profile. It doesn't make sense to permanently ban for this anyways.

- - - Updated - - -

Ok I looked at my profile and noticed that I still have "" in my location. I totally forgot about this since I literally never look at that. I have no affiliation with the site other than the fact that I put that there when I was invited, back when it was a private site. I used it for a screenshot to a friend, nothing else. I took a break from mpgh soon after that and came back to sell once I had an eac bypass for dead by daylight, which I intended to start a bp service with. I am truly sorry for this and I did not mean to keep that there for as long as I did.