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    Lightbulb How to use IM (Birdie)

    How to use IM (Birdie)


    For some users that may be unfamiliar with using the embedded chat and it's features around the forum, hopefully this guide can help outline everything that is has to offer. The MPGH embedded chat, known as IM or Birdie, is the only communication tool allowed to be used on MPGH outside of VM/PM. The chat is still under development, so you can expect features and UI to continue changing and encounter the occasional bugs.

    If you encounter bugs or have features to suggest, you can report them in this thread here.

    IM Sidebar

    IM is currently only accessible through the sidebar on the forum. To open it, click the Lobby button in the bottom left corner of your screen.

    Once you click the button, it will open up the IM sidebar. Here you can send messages to your contacts, and talk in the channels available to you.

    Adding Members

    There are currently two ways you can add contacts to your IM. You can add people by the Birdie icon in their postbit, or if the use the BBCode for IM to create a link to add them. Once you send a contact request, it will appear as pending in your IM sidebar. Once they have accepted it, you will be able to send them messages.

    1. Adding from Postbit

    Around the forum, you can add people when they post on threads. Simply click the Birdie icon and then press the add button to send them a contact request.

    2. Adding from BBCode

    You can also add members on IM if they include their IM link in their posts. To create a link, press the same Birdie icon in your editor or simple type the following.

    Replace the 0000 with your User ID. To find out your user ID, you can go to your profile page and copy it from the URL ( My User ID would be 559777. Replace the ID with your own and you will have successfully created an IM Add Me Link.

    If you see a link in a post, just click it and then press the add button to send them a request.

    IM Not Appearing

    If IM is not appearing on the forum, your antivirus may be blocking the domain. This is a confirmed case for those using ESET. In order to unblock IM, white-list the URL for Birdie in your antivirus settings. The URL you need to add is "*", to allow the entire platform to load without issues.

    Follow these steps to unblock on ESET/NOD32. For other antiviruses that may be blocking IM, Google search for how to white-list a domain for that specific antivirus.

    1. Open ESET/NOD32
    2. Open Setup/Settings
    3. Click the settings for "Web access protection"
    4. Go to URL Address Management, and edit the address list.
    5. Double click on "List of allowed addresses" and add the Birdie URL to the list.
    6. Save your settings.

    IM Disconnected

    IM currently only runs on one tab, meaning only one connection. It's recommended to keep one tab open dedicated just for IM to avoid multiple reconnects as you browse through MPGH. However, you can always reconnect in different tabs if you open them.

    If IM is persistently showing as disconnected, check the status of IM by reading the latest posts in this thread here.


    The rest of the functionality should be pretty straight forward to use in IM. If there are any questions, concerns, or things that should be added, you can post about them here. As things in IM change with development, this thread will be updated.
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