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    Staff dispute for UID=3114594 ADMINS WANTED

    Hi i would like to open a formal staff dispute on a scam report that was recently closed.

    so getting to where we left off:

    Respect mentions :
    "Information that he was supposed to give beside the form is the name at least,because without the name user doesn't have any chance to fill it out correctly."

    First you shared a little bit of sympathy with me understanding my problems and issues.

    Then we let the main man speak up and all of a sudden you switch sides real quick.

    We need to find the root cause to this issue. Firstly id like to know what exactly the user is selling and secondly id like tyo know what exactly this means
    "your tos says that you are not responsible for whatever happens but with the way you sell them his order can't possibly work. Without the name it will always get cancelled. @Duzakh" (From: RespectNF)

    So if the seller is not responsible for anything after the purchase and assumes that the buyer is knowing of exactly how this item works with no chance of dispute (because you closed my dispute) how is that fair...

    Can i please speak to an administrator!

    Im not interested in a refund anymore im interested in putting rules in place that can define a sketchy line like this. There is no answer from one side but we can work on this to make a safer marketplace and avoid people like me.
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    After reading through the scam report and the user's service thread, I do think he should provide more information when giving the accounts so the buyer doesn't have to go searching for it.

    It's laziness that the seller won't check the name for the account before selling it and would indicate that they never truly checked it. If they did, it would take a few seconds to also find the name and provide it for buyer to fill out the form.

    Of course, it can also go the other way with laziness on the buyer's end for not checking the account and finding the name.
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