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    Angry Scam Report: Raisehelll

    MPGH Profile Link:
    Thread link (If applicable):
    Trade details: I asked to buy 2 links assuming they are US as stated multiple times in the thread.
    Picture proof of scam occurring:
    Comments/Information (Involving how you got scammed or what happened, do not put in unnecessary comments): I asked to buy 2 links as the thread said US I didn't think to confirm they was US, it said multiple times it was US I paid and then found out they was CA so I asked for a refund he basically said no.

    - - - Updated - - -

    On top of that just left negative rep because he doesn't know how to edit a thread

    - - - Updated - - -

    Close this he finally refunded
    Quote Originally Posted by Daltony View Post
    Just bought 2 agent skins and went first, fast reply and good service will use again!
    Quote Originally Posted by asfsdjkagbkjd View Post
    Simple and easy trade, will definitely recommend.
    Quote Originally Posted by MatticusIsBack View Post
    Bought 100 life, went first. Smooth trading, great guy!
    Quote Originally Posted by Foojuu View Post
    +Vouch was quick and reasonable with me. Good prices and fast and reliable
    Quote Originally Posted by aosdnffoia View Post
    Bought 200 life. real quick would buy from again 10/10
    Quote Originally Posted by nephiraV2 View Post
    Trade with him was a real pleasure, 10/10 fast, simply, cool guy.
    Quote Originally Posted by RichardFourtyFive View Post
    Bought 8 life and an eth, trade went smooth
    Quote Originally Posted by sonickid14 View Post
    I can vouch super fast and nice dude
    Quote Originally Posted by bigdickgoku View Post
    just bought from. reply within an hour or 2, went first, got all items immediately after confirmation.
    Quote Originally Posted by natyop View Post
    +vouch bought 4 decas, quick and easy. would trade again
    Quote Originally Posted by RIOTwawawa View Post
    Went first, it was fast and easy, thanks bud!
    Quote Originally Posted by LegionsLit View Post
    I brought 5 Pixies i went first was very fast thank you!
    Quote Originally Posted by Pathil View Post
    Huge vouch for this seller if you are considering buying from him don't hesitate there is no one better on mpgh.

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    Glad it was resolved. @Realm Bags

    Since it seems like you need your thread edited to match what you are currently selling, feel free to contact me with desired edits or report the thread with desired edits so situations like this don't happen. @Raisehelll

    Good luck & safe trading.
    Want to buy something ? Check out my SHOP [Ton of sites available!]

    Contact me on MPGH Integrated chat by clicking on this link.

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