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    Cool yet another thread about me having a kewl post count [prank in the hood gone wrong]

    first off yall gay

    second of all, yes i am mentally retarded, didnt stop me from reaching 7k posts

    coincidence that i reached it on 4.20? i guess not

    yall know today is a special day, especially for us germans
    yes it is adolfs birthday, also some kind of weed number or some shit idk if that interests anyone

    third of all i wanna thank all the people that had helped me to reach this milestone:

    that is me, cause i was the one posting all the time, funnily enough im averaging 500posts per month this year

    honorable mentions @Joe mr scammer panda @Silent u ghey @Sean consistent with those late night study snaps @Ahmad with that special sense of ahmad humor @boubie back from the ded? @OfficerX bruder muss los @gerassss my personal banmaster (sorry @Hero) @arunforce niconico niiiiii @aku anime pillow man @Hype dead for good? @Lily UwU @Jacky mr Kpop @L_0r3x0 fucking retard )))))))))

    if youre not mentioned then dont feel bad cause i just didnt wanna add more people, still love yall

    (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)

    facereveal at 10K ?????

    if you read till here youre very special that you endured the amount of crap i have written

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snake View Post
    you're the prime of the primes
    if shitposting was transformers you'd be optimus prime and eternity would be bumblebee
    Quote Originally Posted by Organized Chaos View Post
    acoustic retarded cum slut
    = niggo
    Quote Originally Posted by FlavderKrasse View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Hectard View Post
    Am I a racist if i say Nico niggo neee
    Quote Originally Posted by Snolfy44 View Post
    how works it??
    Quote Originally Posted by Demon770 View Post
    How to hack
    Quote Originally Posted by ImThrowingMyLifeAway View Post
    niggo ugly lol
    Quote Originally Posted by Dot View Post
    I cannot wait to see you replying with another stupid reply
    Quote Originally Posted by Bowie View Post
    Stop shitposting for god sakes
    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon View Post
    You're literally dumb.
    Quote Originally Posted by 71c View Post
    You're literally dumb.
    Quote Originally Posted by 71c View Post
    Stop shitposting for god sakes, You're literally dumb.

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