Hi guys,

First of all I used Cheat Engine for the first time. (yes I did tutorial).

I tried the codes in the other topic of the site from GTFO2014.
But I can't get the codes to work. Are they even still working? (It won't find them with the Dissambler, it send me to the memory) and if I try to find it with "find out what writes the the adress" it stays white, so I guess it's a dead code.
When I was scanning value e.t.c. I found other codes for the Galders / drill(item), but I have no idea what I need to do with it I'm not a hacker.
And it looks like the codes change everytime I log in? Therefor need to make the pointer, but this is to hard for me, I don't understand sorry .

I hope someone can help me, but if I see the other topics the Trickster one is dead.

Tnx, Zuurpruim