Currency Exchange Requirements

  • You must have at least 3 months on the site.
  • You must have at least 250 posts.
  • Physical gift cards require proof. (Screenshots)

You can in no way bypass these requirements. Buying Premium or Premium Seller does not bypass these requirements.

Currency Exchange Proper Format

You have to use this format if you want your thread approved in the currency exchange section. If you don't follow it your thread will be deleted.

Have: (How much money you have and what you have it in.)
Want: (How much you're looking for and in which currency.)
Rate: (Percentage at which you are exchanging the currency.)
Contact Info: (MPGH Instant Messaging- IM.Read how to add it here.)
If you are doing a one time exchange, you don't have to put the rate at which you are exchanging.
Just say something along the lines of "I have $XX btc and want $XX paypal."

These rules are extension of the general rules. Any rules there apply to this section as well.

These rules are not final and are subject to change.