These rules are an extension of the general rules.

Blacklist Alert:

This is a system that is implemented into the Marketplace to serve as an effort of punishment against repeat 'half-scammers' and other individuals for similar offenses such as scamming, being banned, refunding and disputing, there will be a temporary Marketplace ban placed.

What is a half scam? someone who has sold a service or product and at some point in the future there's a scam report posted where it's deemed the seller "scammed" and needs to refund the user. We allow him/her to pay back to alleviate the "scam" by refunding.

But how many times can this happen? How many times do we have this happen to the same person? Obviously, at that point, after multiple occurrences, there's a flaw in the user's service/product/trading and consequences are necessary.

Before trading, you can check if the person is currently Marketplace banned by checking their profile.


Guidelines for Marketplace Bans

First, allow me to define some terms before using them in the following guidelines.

consecutive - is defined by the official Middlemen as occurrences that happen as a result of the same situation (IE product or service a user is selling) or in the relative same period of time.

valid (in terms of a report) - is defined by the official Middlemen as a scam report that concludes in the accused user being required to refund the scammed user (deemed to have scammed/'half-scam') (or some clear identifiable flaw on a user's ability to trade).

IF a user is Marketplace banned no matter the severity the following actions will be taken:
  • All current active Marketplace threads will be temporary closed.
  • Permission to edit usertitle will be revoked.
  • Usertitle will be revoked and replaced with the Marketplace Banned formatted title that includes the duration of the Marketplace ban.
  • User will be added to the Marketplace Ban Database.

Case specific consequences are as follows:

  • 3 consecutive, valid reports
    • 2 week Marketplace Ban

  • 5 consecutive, valid reports
    • 4 week Marketplace Ban

  • Banned from MPGH, disputed ban and unbanned after resolving issues
    • (IE, scam someone, get banned, refund them, dispute ban, unbanned)
    • Once unbanned, blacklist will be enacted on the user (at the discretion of HMM/GMod)

    • Temporary ban from MPGH
    • Extended Marketplace Ban

    • Permanently banned from MPGH

  • X consecutive, valid reports but two different times
    • (IE MP banned one time before for 3 consecutive, valid reports, and now again)
    • Amplified Marketplace Ban/potential other consequences at discretion of staff/MM

All pertaining resolutions and/or reports are and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Private Reports:
The section is a place where anybody can post without other users seeing what they post. It will be used by MPGH staff to help to catch any scammers that may be lurking around the forums without tipping them off.

Private Scam Tips:
Is there a shady service that has opened? Do you think there is a service that needs additional verification? Report it there.

Scam report Opinions/Comments/Spam:
People often post opinions,comments and unnecessary stuff in scam reports. That's why we are forced to enforce this rule.

Unless you are reporting a scam, or have some form of evidence that can affect that report, you have NO business here. Staff and the reporters themselves are the only ones allowed to post. All others will be deleted, and possibly banned if repeat offenders.

Thanks for your co-operation!
- MPGH Staff

These rules are not final and are subject to change.