Heyo! So I am looking to get into 3d printing I did a little bit of it when I was in highschool and it seems like a fun hobby to pick up and vest some time in.

My budget is no more than 200 if at all possible.
I live in the U.S
If it is a kit that requires me to build it myself I'd need help setting it up..
I am looking for a 3D Printer that can make smaller stuff I am new to 3D Printing so won't be making any advanced models. I would prefer something that could make smoking related objects such as grinders, bud containers, bowls (Idk if that is possible since its a form of plastic isn't it?

Size wise I'd prefer it to fit on a 20' inch by 20' inch surface but if that is an unrealistic expectation than I can always go bigger and use the basement to print in. If so than I have no size requirements.

Msg me on IM. I work a lot and am a little busy of late so if I take a while to reply that is why

I would prefer to use Paypal, or Venmo but if you have a way for me to convert to btc than I am willing to do that thru coinbase. (I've never actually used a personal BTC wallet or anything my full experience using btc is using coinbases provided wallet and user exchanges.)