Ashes automates almost any Windows game or application

Ashes is developed for automation of actions on any Windows Application e.g.: Games like EverQuest, World of Warcraft or programs like Calculator, Chrome, Notepad, including almost any MMORPG, RPG, FPS, browser etc. Anything you want to do with the application using your mouse or keyboard can be done automatically by this application. You can also perform repeated task by this application.


Ashes is for automation of actions on any Windows Application. It is NOT a bot. It works independently from the games it is configured to be used with. It does not alter game files, memory or CPU processes. It simply presses keys and mouse buttons, just like you would do!

Ashes is guaranteed to be free of third-party addons and applications, viruses and malware, and does not record or log key actions. Upload it to virustotal.com and check the antivirus report.


  • Batch

All configurations user do to automate a specific application/system is stored in batch. User can save multiple batches in the application and reuse these batches as per the need.

  • Groups

Groups are the conditions which determine when the application performs all the actions in the action list. User can create one or more groups according to the need. The order of these groups in the list is very important. The application checks the group list and perform the corresponding actions (if the condition is satisfied) according to the given order. When the application checked all the groups in the list it start checking the groups again from the top of the list and this loop continues until the stop button is pressed.

  • Status

Status is the group flag, if status is checked so means is group include in loop or group is live if uncheked thats means group is not live or exclude from loop.

  • Loop Delay

loop delay is in milleseconds thats define as all the group runing one time and then loop delay is perform delay after every loop and then group start again. time intrervel is exclude from loop delay.

  • Actions

When the condition of group is satisfied the associated actions are triggered. We can add multiple actions in the action panel. User can specify action on in action panel. Action on has multiple options to trigger the associated group.x and y in action is for moving mouse to activate control of the user specific application before performing sending keys. Simply you record your cursor with pressing ‘a’ on screen

Action On
User can specify action on in group panel. Action on has multiple options to trigger the associated group.

  • Trigger

Trigger Pixel determines the location, color and color range of a pixel in the selected window. The color and color range of a trigger pixel given by the user is compare with the located pixel color. User can specify either he/she want to perform an action when the color or color range match the pixel color or not or on color change of pixel.

  • Area Scan

The application can be configured to check for a pixel color or color range within a user defined area in the selected application. If detected as define by the user perform the actions.

  • Time Interval

Time Interval determines how frequently in milliseconds the associated Group is triggered.

  • Always

When a user set Action on as always the group is always trigger when it`s checked and its associated action will always run.

  • Export and import

You can export and import setup, so you can share between your computers or with others in the community

You can check out Ashes here - https://www.ashessw.com/

Videos here - https://www.ashessw.com/videos/

Got any questions, you are free to PM me or ask here