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    MPGH News - 246th Edition

    246th Edition - June 10th, 2019
    Snapple Fact: Bees are born fully grown.

    None this week.

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    Over 1 million people protest against China in Hong Kong

    According to the organizers over 1.3million people came on HongKongs streets on Sunday the 9th June. They protested against a new bill which is about to be passed.
    This bill would enable the extradition of prisoners to Mainland China. The government claims this bill will plug loopholes in the law and allow Hong Kong to decide for each fugitive seperately wether or not to send them to countries which it doesnt have a formal extradition deal.
    Critis claim that this will enable China to take control of the city and let it randomly grab people for political and economical reasons. This would further undermine the semi autonomous state of the city.

    Civil Human Rights Front the organizers of this protest claim that over 1.3 million people came and joined. This would mean that almost 18% of Hong Kongs population was rallying against this bill.
    This protest has been supported by the European Union and the United Nations.
    There have also been protests against this bill in cities across the whole world.

    China says war with US would be a disaster as tensions mount

    Chinese defence minister Wei Fenghe criticised the United States on Sunday for its support for self-ruled Taiwan and for naval operations in the disputed South China Sea, but said conflict or war between the two countries would be a disaster.

    Wei told the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, Asia’s premier defence summit, that China would “fight to the end” if anyone tried to split China from Taiwan, which Beijing considers a sacred territory to be taken by force if necessary.

    “No attempts to split China will succeed. Any interference in the Taiwan question is doomed to failure,” said Wei.

    He added: “If anyone dares to split Taiwan from China, the Chinese military has no choice but to fight at all costs ... The US is indivisible, and so is China. China must be, and will be, reunified.”

    But he said both sides realised that any war between the two “would bring disaster to both countries and the world”.

    “We will strive for the process of peaceful reunification with utmost sincerity and greatest efforts but we make no promise to renounce the use of force.”
    China-US ties have become increasingly strained due to a bitter trade war and US support for Taiwan and China’s muscular military posture in the South China Sea, where the US is also conducting freedom-of-navigation patrols.

    On Saturday, acting US defence secretary Patrick Shanahan told the meeting that the US would no longer “tiptoe” around Chinese behaviour in Asia.

    Skush v3.118 Public

    OfficerX a regular feature on Hack of The Week has a new release of Skush open to MPGH users who hold an account on the site. This release of his popular Skush Menu has a updated signature. OfficerX has long contributed to the CS:GO section along with other loyal individuals keeping it both alive and active while also bringing new and updated releases which is very commendable and I'm sure appreciated by the member who frequently use and download Skush as its updated. Be sure to head over and show him some love before logging in a reeking havok on the CS:GO ladder

    Watch out for the new dogs!

    Great news for all of you who are Watch Dogs fans. A great addition to the E3 event will be the launch of a new game from the series. It will be called Legion and it comes with great new features. The big spotlight of what we know until now, is the possibility to play with ANY NPC in the game.
    "Watch_Dogs Legion is set in a near-future, dystopian version of London," the description reads. "It's a post-Brexit world in which society, politics and technology have changed and altered London's fortunes.
    What's really intriguing is that the game will be a reflection of the reality that we have today hence the game-play will be more immersing. We're all looking forward for the official launch and for more information about the new features that could turn this game into a bestseller - exactly like it's previous version.

    Bose’s Newest Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

    These are Boses next generation noise cancelling headphones. They're not exactly designed to replace the QuietComfort 35 but they are brand new and they do cost a little more at $399.95. These headphones do have a completely new design, both on the outside and the inside. There are new drivers too which sounds slightly better than the QuietComfort 35. They also have more microphones for both noise cancelling and noise reduction when you're making calls that means people can hear you better when you're making calls, they don't hear the background noise and also your voice assistant can hear you more clearly in noisy environments so you'll be able to use that voice assistant more confidently. One of the key differences between this model and the QuietComfort 35 is that this has a stainless steel headband. It's all one piece no seams and it seems to be perhaps a little bit more durable than the QuietComfort 35. It is slightly heavier as a result it's about half an ounce heavier than the QuietComfort 35. It does have a very nice padded ear cups very comfortable design just like the QuietComfort 35. The headphones do have a little play in them so they're designed to both rock a little bit so that the ear cup can swivel to and from. This is definitely an improvement over the QuietComfort 35. It is clearly going to be one of the top noise cancelling headphones around this year.

    iOS 13's upcoming features this fall

    With the upcoming update of iOS 13, Apple wants to show you a more secure, cooler and faster iPhone. Apple takes on Google's Android Q once again for the battle for the best OS to use. Unlike all previous updates, iOS 13 is separated form the iPad, which will be getting its own OS called iPadOS with many new features also. The iOS 13 developer beta is available right now with the final version coming this July.

    After years of requesting, iOS 13 will finally release Dark mode which replaces the usual light screen with a dark screen. It appears to be system wide, but it isn't completely certain. Dark mode is expected to come to Android Q too.

    The "swipey keyboard" from Android OS will also come to iOS with the upcoming update. They call it QuickPath Typing and claims to be more "accurate" than traditional typing.

    iOS 13 will also include portrait lighting with theability to add effects on to portraits.

    Apple also joined Final my Phone and Find My Friends into one app called Find My. Now you can locating your lost devices even when they are offline, by using a bluetooth beacon.

    Wu-Tang Clan Headline Ryman Auditorium

    This prestigious venue was built in 1892 in Nashville Tennessee. and has held shows for many great acts in the past like Johnny Cash, Helen Keller and Houdini. One type of show this venue has never held would be a rap concert. Wu-Tang Clan is set to perform in the sold-out arena for the 25 year anniversary tour of their breakout album "Enter The Wu-Tang". Much of the hip-hop/rap we have today is inspired by early rap that came out of Nashville Tennessee. From Three 6 Mafia to even some members of the Wu-Tang Clan. This performance will be a historic moment for all parties alike. Wu-Tang change history with one performance.

    Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur to win Champions League and end klopp's curse

    An early goal from Mohamed Salah and a late one from Divock Origi gave Liverpool a 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur in Saturday's all-English Champions League final as coach Juergen Klopp finally got his hands on Europe's biggest prize.
    Egyptian striker Salah, who had painful memories of last year's final defeat by Real Madrid after suffering a shoulder injury, got his side off to a flying start in Madrid by lashing home from the penalty spot after a handball from Moussa Sissoko.
    "Everyone is happy now," said a delighted Salah.
    "I am glad to play the second final in a row and play 90 minutes finally. Everyone did his best today, no great individual performances, all the team was unbelievable."
    Tottenham kept their heads after a nightmare opening and came to life when semifinal hat-trick hero Lucas Moura came off the bench but, with Harry Kane lacking sharpness after an ankle injury, another miraculous European comeback proved beyond them.

    Google Made $4.7 Billion From the News Industry in 2018

    Google has make a pretty sizeable amount for mimal effort using their google news search function somthing we dont often think about when we search for new on google is that this search function is funded and propagated by news corperations trying to stay onto and with the industry so cut throat as it is already google is expected to pull the same if not more for 2019. This brings into question how much the average person relys on this feature and the possiblity the manipulation of it and is problem that can bud its head and cause alot of trouble in the current and future climate

    Beginning next school year, Wake County substitute teachers must have high school diploma

    For the Beginning of next school year, anyone hired as a substitute teacher in the Wake County Public School System will need to have a high school diploma. "We don’t know if that removal was intentional or an oversight," said Wake schools' spokeswoman Lisa Luten. "Our HR department made the change to include the requirement back into the job description." This school district previously required a diploma, but they removed the qualification in recent years after rewriting the job description. Current teachers without a diploma will be grandfathered. "We don’t have a number of how many we have without a high school diploma, but we don’t think it’s many."

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