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    MPGH News - 247th Edition

    247th Edition - June 17th, 2019
    Snapple Fact: In 1634, tulip bulbs were a form of currency in Holland

    None this week.

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    The US blame Iran for an attack on a tanker in the Gulf of Oman
    Two ships have been attacked on Thursday. One was headed towards Taiwan loaded with 750.000 tons of naptha, the base for petrol. The second attacked ship was headed towards Singapore loaded with methanol. All crew members of both ships have been evacuated and got into safety.
    The US secretary of State Mike Pompeo has blamed the Republic of Iran for these attacks and stated that those attacks were part of an "escalating tension" between the two countries.
    Mohammand Javad Zarif the foreign minister of Iran has obviously dismissed the accusations and called the whole circumstances very suspicious.

    In new developements the European Union has warned against blaming Iran prematurely for these attacks.
    The German minister of foreign affairs has said that "With a decision of this kind the utmost care is required and we'll take our time for this."
    According to him Germany is still waiting for more intel on this case to properly decide their position. According to him all the current info has only come from one side
    This situation is of highly delicate nature considering the breaking of the nuclear deal between the US and the Iran. Even more so considering the owners of the tankers are from Norway and Japan, but the country calling for war is the United States of America.

    Super Mario Bros - BATTLE ROYALE???
    As you already know, the battle royale scene kept extending at a high pace in the last year. We agreed with PUBG. We also accepted Fortnite. Apex Legends came after that. What is a big surprise is that even Mario became subject to the Battle Royale epidemic. It's the original version of the Super Mario Bros but there are several changes: you start with 100 other players into a world and race them to the end. You can't directly interact with players, but you can damage them with koopa shells, or break the block they're standing on to send them tumbling down. Power-ups are shared, so only one player can grab that crucial mushroom.
    It's not popular yet, having only several hundreds of players online, but I'm sure it will get crowded slowly. If you got bored of the current classic battle royales, it's time to freshen things up with the new Super Mario BROS.
    Good luck on the battle field!

    Opera made a ‘gaming browser’ that lets you control CPU usage
    With the release of steam gaming it may seem like the end of console and PC generation, but that is not the case. There are many variable that go into play here; for example, price,location, connectivity, and consumer attitude. Although Opera and Google Stadia are trying to fight to make this the next generation gaming platform, it will not be a thing for the average gamer anytime soon. As stated before, the price to use stream gaming is very expensive, you play for the game (which you don't own), you pay for the virtual hardware to play on, you pay for the internet, and some other things. In the long run, you will end up paying outrageous amount of money to play video games, which the average person cannot afford to do. Next is the location of this things, third world countries will have a hard time playing this because of how good of a connection you need, and it costs more the farther you are from the virtual software location. Even countries like US will have issues with connection, the reason being that rural areas still have terrible internet. Lastly, the consumer attitude is not FOR this sort of software. They are wanting to purchase and own this games, some of the reasons being: what if the company shuts down? What happens if I cannot afford to pay one month? Offline gaming on the go? Those are just few of the things that gamer are concerned about. Overall, this is a good idea but the price, connection issues, attitude of gamers is preventing it from being a serious contender for serious and average gamer.

    Xiaomi's Black Shark 2 Gaming Smartphone
    Armed to the teeth with the latest hardware, this is a gaming phone that's here to take on the ASUS ROG Gaming Smartphone and other flagships. The phone is built in with the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 paired with up to 12 GB of RAM all powered with a 4000 mAh battery Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 27W charging support. The display is a 6.3inch AMOLED with FHD+ resolution. Moreover, the screen has specific pressure sensitive areas that you can use to your advantage while gaming. It works similar to Apple's 3D touch but covers more area and is completely customizable. The Black Shark 2 price in China has been set at CNY 3,199 for the 6GB RAM 128GB storage model, while it's 8GB RAM 128GB storage option is priced at CNY 3,499. This price point should make the phone a little uncomfortable but the phone itself looks like a gaming phone through and through. It has a bold rugged design that gives a good grip when you are holding it in landscape mode. Their support for attaching not one but two controllers that's attached to the body using magnetic pogo pins and Bluetooth. It does require the player to get used to the settings but it does respond quickly enough. You can also attach the Black Shark 2 to a big screen using the HDMI cable and use a controller to play without using the phone. This also allows multiplayer gaming and many more. Inside, there's a dedicated space that keeps your games optimized then there's a mode that opens up the CPU to be fully utilized while gaming. Finally, there's this backlight RGB along with RGB strips on the edges completing the gaming looks of the phone.

    Joji - Sanctuary
    "Sanctuary" is the latest release from Joji which will be a part of his upcoming album following his debut album, BALLADS 1. The song itself features a melodic voice and shows off Joji's singing talent in a form of a higher pitched tone fitting the track itself smoothly. After BALLADS 1 we are rather used to Joji's more gloomy yet addicting style which makes listening to this new type of voice refreshing. It's based around emotions for a partner which is also portrayed in the music video taking a strong influence from Star Trek which you notice in the cover artwork. Hopefully, in the upcoming album we will see this side of his adventure in music production and further improved songwriting.

    If you would like to listen to the album you can do so here.

    'We brought it home': Toronto Raptors scoop first NBA title
    Canadian franchise lifts trophy for the first time after 4-2 series win over defending champions Golden State Warriors.
    Canada's Toronto Raptors have won their first NBA championship, beating defending champions the Golden State Warriors 114-110 in a Game 6 for the ages and sparking a countrywide celebration.
    The Raptors victory on Thursday night in Oakland, California, put the finishing touches on a remarkable 4-2 best-of-seven series upset that denied the Warriors a fourth title in five years and marked the first NBA title for a team outside the United States.
    "I can't really think right now, this is crazy. This is awesome man," said Toronto guard Kyle Lowry. "Toronto! Canada! We brought it home baby! We brought it home!"
    When the final buzzer sounded, jubilant Raptors fans flooded the streets of downtown Toronto for a night of celebration not seen in the city since Major League Baseball's Toronto Blue Jays last won a World Series title in 1993.
    Toronto forward Kawhi Leonard, branded the King of the North by Raptors fans after arriving at the franchise in a blockbuster trade with the San Antonio Spurs last July, was named the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) after averaging 28.5 points a game in the series.

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    some more articles if you are interested in the incident with the oil tankers

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    Nice news! good job!
    Mario Battle Royale? holy hahahaha
    Anything can PM me. I'm from Malaysia.

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    Well thought and put together article, good job everyone!
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    cool news m8!

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