This game is really fun, graphics are great! thought I'd share it with everyon your missing out. It's free to play. You can find the download link on Reddit or google. Here's some info I copied:

PokéOne is a MMORPG made by some independent guys who just had a love for the Pokémon Series. In PokéOne you actually have the old-school core elements of Pokémon, since this game is placed in the Kanto and Johto Region (Same as Pokemon Gold/Silver).

You start of making a character with a name and choosing your starter region (Kanto or Johto). The story-line is almost identical but with a few twists as in Pokémon Red and Blue (As the Kanto Region) and Gold and Silver (As the Johto region).

You choose your starter Pokémon and with that your journey begins. A journey filled with adventure, Capturing and training Pokémon, Defeating trainers, Collecting gym badges and defeating the Elite 4!

So what is the twist PokéOne gives you? Well, This game is completely online filled with many other players who share their love for Pokémon. You can always ask other people to trade, battle and talk. The community is very open-hearted and nice to other players. So if you ever get stuck you can always aks others to help you out a bit.

So there are many players all together on just one server. This eventually lead to some unstable server issues with the result of the servers completely being down for many hours straight. But even though this actually happened we had an amazing time.

+ Story-line is amazing
+ Pokémon MMO (What can I say more)
+ Positive and nice Community
+ Graphics
+ Added Events and story-line elements
+ Guilds and Friendlists

– The game is slightly easy
– Very early access which results in missing battle animation and different kinds of Background Music