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    MPGH News - 248th Edition

    248th Edition - June 30th, 2019
    Snapple Fact: The average American will eat 35,000 cookies in his/her lifetime.


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    ‘Committed to tolerance’: India rejects US report on minorities’ status
    Releasing the report at the Foggy Bottom headquarters of the State Department, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last week said the report was like a report card which tracks countries to see how well they have respected this fundamental human right.

    India Sunday rejected a US religious freedom report, saying it sees no locus standi for a foreign government to pronounce on the state of its citizens’ constitutionally protected rights.

    In its annual 2018 International Religious Freedom Report, the State Department alleged Friday that mob attacks by violent extremist Hindu groups against minority communities, particularly Muslims, continued in India in 2018, amid rumours that victims had traded or killed cows for beef.Responding to media queries on the report, Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said: “India is proud of its secular credentials, its status as the largest democracy and a pluralistic society with a longstanding commitment to tolerance and inclusion.”The Indian Constitution guarantees fundamental rights to all its citizens, including its minority communities, he said.

    It is widely acknowledged that India is a vibrant democracy where the Constitution provides protection of religious freedom, and where democratic governance and rule of law further promote and protect fundamental rights, Kumar asserted.

    “We see no locus standi for a foreign entity/government to pronounce on the state of our citizens’ constitutionally protected rights,” he said.

    Mandated by the Congress, the State Department in its voluminous report gives its assessment of the status of religious freedom in almost all the countries and territories of the world.

    Releasing the report at the Foggy Bottom headquarters of the State Department, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last week said the report was like a report card which tracks countries to see how well they have respected this fundamental human right.

    Why do you think American statesperson feel so? Do you think it is right to raise hands on the biggest Democracy in the world? Considering America has infiltrated many countries to "help them make peace". We would love to hear your opinion on this.

    German locals buy the towns whole supply of beer "to dry the Nazis out"
    Hundreds of neo-Nazis who descended upon a German town for a far-right music festival were prevented from drinking alcohol once there thanks to a court-imposed banning order and the actions of angry local residents.
    The Schild und Schwert Festival [Shield and Sword Festival] took place over the weekend in the town of Ostritz in Saxony.
    Ahead of the event, a court in Dresden, east Germany, imposed a ban on the sale of alcohol and possession of alcohol in order to prevent violence erupting.
    Saxony Police confiscated around 1,109 gallons of beer from attendees. The force continually tweeted images of their officers seizing alcohol during the festival.
    Predicting that some neo-Nazis would attempt to purchase more alcohol once they were at Ostritz, local residents took it upon themselves to stock up on hundreds of crates of beer from a local store.
    Around 600 people are reported to have attended the neo-Nazi festival.


    Osiris back at it again
    This week is bringing back the popular and well known Osiris cheat developed by DanielKrupinski and fixed up by Marc6542 to bring back the famous cheat to life. This cheat is fairly simple to install, following the path of many others with a DLL and Injector. The cheat has highly requested features such as skin changing and the infamous backtrack. Make sure not to stick with it for too long as the signature will surely be detected soon.


    Minecraft 2D
    The days when Minecraft was at it's peak are gone for good. But, there are youtubers who made their name playing this game. Some of them still have faith that they can keep the Minecraft trend going. As an example, we have SethBling who continues to play it on his channel.
    As a refreshment, to take it to the next level and to keep being relevant on the platform, he created a new version of Minecraft. The 2D Minecraft. You heard it right. All you have to do is to install his mod, and you can open chests and play the game inside them, exactly like in the video shown above. The game is not fully playable right now, as you can't have pets and so on, but there are still lots of things that you can do in this improvised game. You can cut trees, craft things, have an inventory and many other things to fill up your free time.
    Take that, Terraria.

    Microsoft Is No Longer Planning To Release Multiple Next-Gen Consoles
    So there has been rumors for a long time that there were going to be two models of the next-gen Xbox there was gonna be a beefier model that was gonna be the premium Xbox, next-gen Xbox called Anaconda and then there was gonna be the less powerful next-gen Xbox called Lockhart. They were gonna share the same CPU but graphics horsepower was going to be cut down to make it more affordable to everyone else. There are also more and more reports coming in that the leaked next-gen Xbox to SKU strategy is put on hold for now and Microsoft might go into next-gen with one SKU. There is no more updates other than this. There is still a year and a half to go before next-gen starts with the next-gen Xbox and Microsoft may have all the hardware and engineering ready to go for this less powerful Lockhart version and they may say you know what three months after they release Anaconda or the less beefier version Lockhart so it'll confuse less people. Things could still change but I still, it's all under Microsoft to plan which next-gen console to be released next.

    Hundreds of Artists Lose Masters in UMG Fire
    In 2008 hundreds of artists lost masters and unreleased projects from a Universal Music Group fire, burning everything in their vault. This includes multiple well known artists such as Tupac, Dolly Parton, 50 Cent and Nirvana. As more information was released about this incident, multiple artist estates have filed a law suit against UMG, held at $100 million. Not only were hundreds of musical artists' works completely lost but several comedians as well; Chris Rock, Whoopi Goldberg, Bob Hope and more. The lawsuit has been made by teams from Soundgaren, Tupac and more. The lawsuit is against UMG for breaching a duty of care with artists "through its negligence in storing the Master Recordings" (billboard). UMG is currently facing separate class-action lawsuits separate from the fire incident, one noticeable one from singers John Waite and Joe Ely that accused the company of refusing to honor notices of termination and to reclaim rights to their music. UMG is in for a hell of a lot of trouble in the coming months.

    Man loses hand in firecracker explosion during fan brawl in Brazil
    Whenever sports is brought up in a conversation there will be three different groups of people. First, there will be those that don't care which team is playing or what the sport is. Second, there will be those that are moderate fans and lastly, there will be those who are just bat crap crazy and will do something like this story. Recetly there has been a controversy of who won the recent game and the fans of both side were not happy about the outcome. So, one of the fans got upset and started using firecrackers. Why they did this is up in air but what resulted from this was another fan's arms being severely injured in the process. Although right now the story states that it was only his right arm, there could be more damage done to him. Another thing to add is that, recently the violence in lower tier games has been going up. So securities for these events need to also go up to protect everyone better.

    No case opened against Platini in World Cup probe: French police
    The former French football administrator has been questioned over the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar.
    The 63-year-old was released from custody late on Tuesday after being questioned by anti-corruption police [Charles Platiau/Reuters]
    Former UEFA president Michel Platini will not face formal legal proceedings in an ongoing French probe into the awarding of the FIFA World Cup to Qatar.
    The 63-year-old was released from custody late on Tuesday after being questioned by anti-corruption police over possible offences including private corruption, conspiracy and influence peddling.
    French authorities are investigating an alleged lunch meeting between the powerful football administrator, French president Nicolas Sarkozy and Qatar's Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, who was crown prince at the time, ahead of the 2010 vote.
    FIFA, the world governing body for football, has previously investigated the award of the World Cup to Qatar but did not find evidence of improper behaviour.
    News agency AFP quoted Platini as saying he faced "a multitude of questions", not only over the Qatar 2022 issue but also the 2018 tournament in Russia awarded on the same day in 2010, Euro 2016 in France and FIFA in general.
    "It was very long, given the number of questions, it was obviously always going to be long, since they asked me questions over Euro 2016, the World Cup in Russia, the World Cup in Qatar, Paris Saint Germain, FIFA," Platini told reporters as he left the police station outside Paris where he had been detained.
    "I replied to all the questions calmly, while still not knowing why I was there," he added.
    Former French captain Platini, who voted for Qatar in 2010, has long denied any wrongdoing. His counsel William Bourdon insisted Platini had not been arrested but rather underwent "a hearing as a witness in the context desired by the investigators".

    Facebook launches a new cryptocurrency called Libra
    Facebook sets its sights on a new cryptocurrency as if there was not enough all ready but this currency much like the US dollar is backed by something we don't know what yet but they promise a backing of some kind. Unlike bitcoin and other failed / obscure currency's this will be adopted heavily by large corporations and run by a non-profit organization facebook plans to make money from the currency threw its custom wallet system calibra which is used to sort and sent currency but this couldn't come at a worse time for facebook after dozens of articles on their privacy issues and not sure users have faith in a currency that facebook has anything do with

    The Future of Social Media Marketing
    The use of social media has intensified and evolved. We expect a significant change in the way social media has been used. For instance, Facebook used to misuse its data, but according to the CEO, there will be a change to ensure a private and secure social media platforms. Social media marketers will experience significant, as well.
    With the many developments taking place in social media, marketers will have to work hard to deliver creative ideas. There is much competition in the ad inventory. Research indicates that there is moderate social media usage. Marketers, therefore, need to understand the trends before adopting a given strategy. The shift has now gone to messaging platforms such as Snapchat where marketers need to pay more attention.
    Messaging as a new strategy will enhance new e-commerce, to promote product discovery and purchase capabilities. Facebook will be overtaken by Instagram that has a new checkout feature. Wenograd noted that optimization Ad Company to be carried out by Facebook will affect marketer only to create a single ad-set campaign. Brands will now recognize conversion as the only a piece of the puzzle, high-quality content to the audience.

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    35,000 cookies is alot I don't know if that's 100% ture

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    Quote Originally Posted by FallingFambam View Post
    35,000 cookies is alot I don't know if that's 100% ture
    if you live around 80years that would equal to around 8.5cookies a week on average

    in the christmas time alone most people eat more than that a day around here so i think it is not that far off

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    you're the prime of the primes
    if shitposting was transformers you'd be optimus prime and eternity would be bumblebee
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    acoustic retarded cum slut
    = niggo
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    Am I a racist if i say Nico niggo neee
    Quote Originally Posted by Snolfy44 View Post
    how works it??
    Quote Originally Posted by Demon770 View Post
    How to hack
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    niggo ugly lol
    Quote Originally Posted by Dot View Post
    I cannot wait to see you replying with another stupid reply
    Quote Originally Posted by Bowie View Post
    Stop shitposting for god sakes
    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon View Post
    You're literally dumb.
    Quote Originally Posted by 71c View Post
    You're literally dumb.
    Quote Originally Posted by 71c View Post
    Stop shitposting for god sakes, You're literally dumb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niggo View Post

    if you live around 80years that would equal to around 8.5cookies a week on average

    in the christmas time alone most people eat more than that a day around here so i think it is not that far off
    Seems fucking high, but I guess it might include some foods we aren't thinking come under the term of "cookie"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe View Post

    Seems fucking high, but I guess it might include some foods we aren't thinking come under the term of "cookie"
    A cookie a day doesn’t seem right for the “average American”. Should be more like 5 a day...
    Assuming they are born on a leap year that adds another 20 days or 100 cookies
    Making the real average amerifat have 146,100 cookies a life
    (If a life is 80 years)
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    Shame that he didn't lose his second hand as well. You can't go to watch a game with your kids nowadays.

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