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    Unhappy XTRAP launch error

    Hi I'm new to this forum, I have a newly built computer and had Crossfire installed. Problem is I've been finding solutions jumping from one forum to another regarding my problem with launching my game. I've just successfully installed all files properly and the launcher. After that, whenever I launch the game I kept on encountering this error "Some functions of the operating system has been corrupted. Please, close any program which is affecting game client and restart the system" I actually have tested all possible solutions which a lot of people whom encountered this problem suggested to kill any unnecessary processes from task manager, use game booster, turn off fire wall, delete all it's game files and redownload/reinstall, exclude the file so it won't get recognized by the antivirus, run the compatibility mode from the game's properties, run as administrator, even reverting back to the old OS version (since I have the new 1903). I was going to revert back to see if it would do anything but my new OS didn't have the option and it had a restricted limit of 10 days to revert back whether I liked the new OS better or not (note the given days are expired and no longer able to revert back). I'm just really frustrated that I've ran out of any other solutions and the methods others tried to offer. Then I remembered that I used to have my Crossfire installed in my other computer which had the windows 10 version 1809. When I launched the game everything worked fine! What could be the cause of this problem? Any help would really be appreciated! I've been stuck for almost 2 weeks with my new computer but a broken game!
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